Commissioners establish county land bank

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia County Board of Commissioners recently adopted a resolution to establish a county land bank, as noted in the recently approved minutes from the May 27 meeting.

Commissioners adopted a resolution to establish the Gallia County Land Revitalization Corporation, known as the “land bank,” for the County Treasurer’s Office. Effective May 27, the commissioners approved the initial Articles of Incorporation. The revised code authorizes the county to organize a land revitalization corporation. The resolution state the county determined the measure necessary due to “the current economic conditions in the county and the conditions of the real estate market in the county, including, but not limited to, the foreclosures for mortgage and tax payment delinquencies.

Commissioners approved the resolution for the Green Sewer Phase 2 USDA Loan Closing. The resolution authorizes the issuance of $2,500,000 sanitary sewer system revenue bonds for paying part of the costs. The county clerk and county auditor also signed the resolution.

Commissioners approved two additional USDA loan resolutions for the Green Sewer Phase 2 project. Clark presented the resolutions to the commissioners. The loans are in the amount of $1,613,000 and $887,000. Clark presented the commission the USDA authorization agreement for the Green Sewer Phase 2 project to accept the loans. The agreement was approved.

Commissioners received the USDA Grant Agreement for the project. The USDA total grant amount is $3,914,000. The agreement was approved.

Sheriff Matthew D. Champlin and sheriff administrator Heather Casto requested supplemental appropriations in the county general for sheriff contract repair and jail contract services. Commissioner Harold Montgomery recommended to put $100,000 into jail contract service and $15,000 for sheriff contract repair. Casto said she would prepare the supplemental appropriation request form and present it for approval approval.

Commissioners adopted a resolution for the Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission (OVRDC). The board of commissioners signed the resolution to continue to support the OVRDC’s Economic Development District planning partnership investment grant program with for the annual performance period of Jan. 1, 2022-Dec. 31, 2022.

County Administrator Melissa Clark presented the commission with US Bank Requisition Request #4 for the county engineer truck purchase loan financing for Gledhill Road Machinery Co. in the amount of $72,709.34. The motion was approved by the commission.

Commissioners approved the educational service center (ESC) agreement amendment to amend the contract between the Gallia County Department of Job and Family Services (DJFS) and the ESC to increase the total amount of funds in the contact to $37,225 — an increase of $12,225.

The commission entered into executive session with DJFS Director Glassburn to consider the employment of a public employee.

After entering back into regular session, Glassburn recommended hiring Jalea Caldwell as a child protective services case manager. Commissioners approved the recommendation.

Commissioners approved the recommendation from Coroner Dr. Daniel Whiteley to increase the transport cost to Montgomery County for autopsies to $400 per round trip and establish a rate for area funeral homes to receive $100 for non-autopsy transport for those that the funeral home transported and wold not be handling the funeral services.

Commissioners approved a letter of engagement with Dinsmore & Shohl LLP to serve as bond counsel for the sanitary sewer system revenue bonds related to the Green 2 Sewer Project . The fees as bond counsel will not exceed $19,750.

Commissioners approved the motion to accept a proclamation for Tuesday, June 1 to be “Don Branson Day” for his years of service as the executive director of the Southern Ohio Agriculture & Community Development Foundation.

Commissioners approved submitted travel requests for Dana Glassburn for Columbus on June 10 and 11 and June 24 and 25 for meetings and trainings. A travel request was also approved for Commissioner Montgomery to travel to Adams County for the retirement of Don Branson on June 1.

Staff Report