Point Pleasant Writers’ Guild showcases in-house authors

Pictured is Will Jeffers with 19 of his published books.

Pictured is Will Jeffers with 19 of his published books.

Courtesy | Writers’ Guild

POINT PLEASANT — For book-loving members of the Point Pleasant Writers Guild, six words say it all: So many books, so little time. And for several of these same members, perhaps more can be said: Imagine it, write it.

A recent meeting recognized Will Jeffers as Most-Recent Prolific Writer of the Guild, joining fellow member, Marilyn Clarke, in their race to imagine, write, and publish their many creations. Jeffers has admitted that sleeping is a rare event in his life as words pass from his brain to the printed page late into the night. He was on hand with 19 of his 21 books, having added four more mysteries, another book of poetry, and a book of horror. As he has written on his Facebook page, there is something for everyone at BigWill’s Archive Foundry with horror/suspense novels, heavy fantasy novels based in a world he created for himself as a child, mystery novels with clean content written to be enjoyed by all ages, and collections of poetry. All of Jeffers’ books are available on Amazon.com as paperback, e-book, and Kindle editions. He can be contacted via email at williamjfr@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/jeffersarchives.

Clarke has completed and published several novels, beginning with the “Frost Series” which consists of seven books. She has published another five books of various titles, one of which has the interesting title, “Ramblings of a Confused Mind” and two cookbooks. As always, Clarke has two or three stories residing in her head, but they are being slow in making their way to her fingers these days. Clarke has retreated to her House in the Big Woods and hopes to find her muse as she “gets away from it all” and enjoys her new puppy. Hopefully, at least one of those stories reluctant to be born will find its way into the light of day soon.

Patrecia Gray has authored a few books, one of which contains all the words spoken by Jesus as recorded in Scripture. The book is entitled “Jesus, Who Is He” and serves as inspiration for her 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning WEMM-FM radio broadcast, “Just Thinking.” In honor of her mother and mothers of fellow Guild members, April Pyles, Carol Newberry, Feryle Lawrence, Joe Ingerick, and Clarke, Gray published her book, “To Mother with Love.” Another of her books, “The Thing: Mothman, devil or spirit,” has been a popular book in the local area and can be found, along with her other books, on Amazon.com, and also at the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant. Patrecia is now working on her autobiography, “Diary of a Missionary Nurse,” her life while in Papua New Guinea.

Burletta Sue Underwood, D.D. shared the news of her latest publication, “Country Blues: Amazing Lyrics,” a collection of songs she has written. The book was her way of putting all her writings together in one place rather than have a lot of loose papers lying around. Sue also has a book of poetry entitled “Roses in the Snow: Powerful Words of Faith.”

Two Guild members who are no stranger to the publishing world are Feryle Lawrence with her book, “Amazing Stories of Earth and Inspiration,” and Letha Jones who wrote “Chained.”

Newest member, Phil Heck, has been reading excerpts from a book he is writing. He has the beginning and the ending, but still needs to fill in the middle. With over 15,000 words so far, he may have to divide his book into sections to get the whole saga in print.

A quote by Oprah Winfrey goes like this: “The written word is referred to over and over. Verbal words are heard and often forgotten. The written word is something to hold onto.”

Members attending the May meetings included Gray, Jeffers, Clarke, Carol Newberry, Kris Moore, Underwood, Heck, and April Pyles. The writing assignment for the next meeting: choose a moment over the next couple weeks that strikes you as significant and write about its affect on your mood or how it changes you in some way. For example, receiving an unexpected check in the mail may have been just the thing you needed to buy something you’ve been wanting or needing. Did you lift your hands in praise, feel uplifted in spirit, dance a jig? Use your words to share the experience with your reader.

The Point Pleasant Writers Guild holds their bi-monthly meetings in the main reading room of the Mason County Library on the first and third Wednesdays, beginning at noon. All writers are invited to attend. Contact information includes email: ppwritersguild@yahoo.com and blog: ppwritersguild.blogspot.com.

Submitted by April Pyles.

Pictured is Will Jeffers with 19 of his published books.
https://www.mydailytribune.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/42/2021/06/web1_6.2-Will-and-his-books.jpgPictured is Will Jeffers with 19 of his published books. Courtesy | Writers’ Guild