Courthouse to lift COVID restrictions June 2

Elected officials to choose office policy

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallia County Commissioners announced the courthouse would lift restrictions on June 2.

In the minutes from the May 13 meeting, which were recently approved, commissioners announced the county will continue to follow all state guidelines and as of June 2, the Gallia County Courthouse will no longer require masks or appointment-only entrance. Commissioner Harold Montgomery noted each elected official will continue to choose their own office policy.

County Administrator Melissa Clark presented the commission with a request from Lykins Energy Solutions to extend the fuel contract through May 31, 2023 as per original specs and conditions and at the same rate as the current contract, $0.139 cents per gallon above the weekly average rack price at OPIS Average Catlettsburg, KY for Gasoline 87 Octane, On Road Diesel and Off-Road Diesel. A motion to approve the contract extension passed.

Clark presented the commission with a change order for the BP Sewer Line Relocation Project to extend the contract time for 31 days from 4/16/2021 to 5/17/2021 and material cost increase. It was noted the change order has been approved and signed by Contractor Pullins Excavating Inc. and Project Engineer Gary Silcott. Commissioners approved the change order as presented.

Clark presented the commission with Professional Services Agreement for Green Phase II Sanitary Sewer. Clark advised DLZ Ohio, Inc. had purchased assets and hired the employees of the Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Logan office and with consideration of the ongoing Green Phase II Sanitary Sewer Project, by signing the agreement, the project would be assigned by Stantec to DLZ. A motion was approved and the agreement was signed.

Clark presented the commission with a cooperative agreement with Springfield Township. The township will provide funds equal to 100 percent of the total cost of Springfield Township roads paving. Gallia County will bid the project and provide 100 percent of the total cost of county road paving. Commissioners approved the agreement.

Grants Administrator Karen Sprague presented the Commission with the 2019 FAA Airport grant draw #4 (Final) forms requesting $14,200 from the county’s 2019 FAA grant for the 90 percent share of the following invoices: Delta Airport Consultants Inv # 1 thru 12 – $140,000; County Administrative Costs – $2,000; Total = $142,000. Ninety percent FAA grant = $127,800 – $113,600 (FAA draws 1-3) = $14,200 (Final Draw); 5 percent ODOT Aviation grant = $7,100 – $6,300 (ODOT draw 1) = $800 (Final Draw); 5 percent local match = $7,100 provided from the Airport Fund #03. A motion was approved for the payment of engineering invoices and administration.

Sprague presented the commission with FAA grant 2019 final project closeout forms noting the Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport ALP Update & Terminal Study project has been completed and that Pay Request #4 already approved is the final. A motion was approved.

Commissioners approved the resolution for the Family Services Planning Committee recommendation of the 2021-2023 Title XX County Social Services Plan.

Commissioners approved a Title IV-D contract for the Department of Job and Family Services (DJFS) for the Common Please Court and Probation officers. The contract is from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 and will cost $75,194.79.

Commissioners approved a DJFS Title IV-D Contract with the prosecutor’s office. The contract will be from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 and will cost $443,951.34.

Commissioners approved the DJFS contact for the Purchase of Service Contract Extension No. 2 with R&T Need a Lift. The contract will be extended through June 30, 2022.

The commission entered into executive session with JFS Director Dana Glassburn to consider the employment of a public employee.

Commissioners approved the resolution presented by DJFS to adjust the pay scale for child protective services positions. The new pay scale will be increase the minimum pay rate “by $1 and providing the same one dollar increase for child protective services employees who are currently above the minimum pay rate, effective May 17,” according to the motion.

Commissioners approved a proclamation for Older Americans Month, which is May.

From the Gallia County Engineer’s office, Adam Edwards presented the commission with a recommendation from Brett Boothe, the county engineer, to award Griffin Pavement Stripping, LLC. with the bid for the “GAL-CR VAR PM FY2021” project. This was the lowest bid received and was less than the engineer’s estimated cost. Commissioners awarded Griffin Pavement Stripping, LLC. with the contract.

The commissioners were in receipt of a contract from Gallia County Juvenile Judge Moulton’s office with the Lawrence County Juvenile Center for community residential services at a per diem rate of $85 per bed. The term of the agreement is January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.

Gary Silcott and Tracy Shoults, DLZ formally Stantec Consulting Services Inc. Logan, Ohio office and DLZ Vice President, Gary Bowen met with the commission to explain the transition to DLZ. Commissioner Montgomery noted they look forward to working with them. Silcott also was asked to discussed the Green Sewer 2 project. The following was discussed budget, expense of the project, processing storm water and funding. Also, in attendance for the discussion County Administrator Clark and Grant Administrator Sprague. No action taken.

Wiseman Agency representative Nick Roach and CORSA Ali Redmond and John Brownlee presented the Commission with the 2021/2022 CORSA invoice for property and casualty Insurance through the joint self-insurance pool and give a detailed description of the invoice, noting the invoice is paid in full. No action taken.

Board of Elections Director Chris Burnett met with the commission to discuss the approach to the courthouse. The commissioners asked that he get quotes for concrete for the ADA entrance to the courthouse and return and present them at a later date when he receives the quotes. No action taken.

The commissioners entered into executive session to consider the employment of public employees.

Sprague presented the Commission with the FY 2021 CDBG Critical Infrastructure Grant Pre-Application requested permission to submit to ODSA, OCD. Pre-Application grant request for the Tara Estates Sewer Replacement Project. is $470,000 for construction + $30,000 for administration with matching funds in the amount of $130,000 from the County’s PY 21 CDBG Community Development Program Grant. Project and funding breakdown are as follows: Tara Estates Sewer Replacement Project; $470,000 CDBG CI grant; Administration; $30,000 CDBG CI grant; GCC Local Match; $130,000 from PY 21 CDBG CD grant; Total project cost $630,000 ($528,104.50 construction + $71,895.50 engineering + $30,000 administration).

Sprague noted the Pre-Application is required for all competitive grant programs and if approved the state will next allow the full application to be submitted in their online portal called Ocean. Sprague reviewed the grant process with the Commission if the grant is awarded. A motion was approved to submit the pre-application.

In attendance at the meeting were Commissioners Montgomery, Eugene Greene and Jay Stapleton.

Elected officials to choose office policy

Staff Report