Mapping a Gallia County road trip

The Nebo Congregational Church is part of the Welsh Scenic Byway.

The Nebo Congregational Church is part of the Welsh Scenic Byway.

Beth Sergent | OVP

Road trips aren’t always far from home with Gallia County offering road trip opportunities including two scenic byways and a special touring route — for those on two or four wheels.

Welsh Scenic Byway

According to a news release from the Madog Center in Rio Grande, this 64-mile byway loops through Gallia and Jackson counties and showcases the imprint on the landscape of the Welsh settlement in southeastern Ohio during the 19th century. The byway connects many Welsh churches, cemeteries, and remains of charcoal furnaces built by the Welsh.

Visitors are treated to pastoral farms, including the Bob Evans Homestead, quaint cemeteries and wildlife areas that include Raccoon Creek where Daniel Boone hunted and trapped. It provides many cultural, historical, and recreational opportunities for the visitor that connects them to the area’s past, present, and future.

Among many churches, find the Nebo Congregational Church, pictured with this article. Formed in 1854, a member of the Gymanfa of the Central Southeast Ohio Association of Welsh Congregational Churches, it hosts a Gymfana every third year on the last Sunday of September. There are approximately 209 graves in the cemetery. Located on Nebo Road near Wayne National Forest in Gallia County.

Of those 64.52 miles of the byway, 34.93 miles are in Gallia County and 29.59 miles are in Jackson County.

For more information, contact the Jeanne Jones Jindra, Director, Madog Center for Welsh Studies, University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College, PO Box 500, Rio Grande, Ohio 45674, 740-245-7186. Find them on Facebook or at the Ohio Department of Transportation website

The Serpent’s Bones

According to a news release from the Gallia County Convention and Visitors Bureau, fans of Southeast Ohio backroads touring on two, three, or even four wheels know what they like in a road — well-paved, scenic, twisting, and reliable miles of adventure.

Many know the Triple Nickel, they have ridden Route 78 across southeast Ohio, they’ve climbed and yodeled Route 26 and 800 in the Switzerland of Ohio area north of Marietta, and they have wound around the Windy 9, and back again.

But most have not yet ridden Southeast Ohio’s more recent touring routes – The Serpent’s Bones.

In partnership with Vinton and Gallia County Convention and Visitors Bureaus, a local rider, writer, and teacher has crafted hundreds of miles of tours with natural beauty, history, and a story to tell. From the Serpent’s Horns to its Belly, the area rolls and rocks with adventure.

The Serpent’s Bones currently offers nine routes and is still growing. Each route has its own story and is waiting for you to add the next chapter. Visit and discover Southeast Ohio.

Ohio River Scenic Byway

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Tourism Ohio are reminding travelers of the many unique opportunities to explore Ohio on one of the 27 Scenic Byways in the state.

The Ohio River Scenic Byway travels through industrial areas, farmland, the Wayne National Forest, small towns with quaint village squares, and historic cities such as Steubenville, Gallipolis, Marietta, and Cincinnati.

“We here in Gallipolis and Gallia County are close to the longest byway in Ohio,” explained Amanda Crouse, executive director of the Gallia County Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Route 7 is part of the Ohio River Scenic Byway, a road that continues along the river from East Liverpool to Cincinnati and then on through Indiana and Illinois. The Visitor Center has maps and brochures about sites along the byway to make the trip as interesting as possible.”

For more information, go to Also, ODOT has maps, information, and links to each of the Byways that crisscross the state online at

Information for this story provided by Madog Center, ODOT and the Gallia County Convention and Visistor’s Bureau.

The Nebo Congregational Church is part of the Welsh Scenic Byway. Nebo Congregational Church is part of the Welsh Scenic Byway. Beth Sergent | OVP