Bidwell woman arraigned in animal cruelty cases

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — A Bidwell woman was arraigned Monday for three animal cruelty cases that occurred April 7 involving animals within inadequate shelter and seemingly on the malnourished side.

According to Gallia County Dog Warden Laurie Cardillo, she received a complaint through the internet regarding a “skinny dog out there at a house with no food or water.” Cardillo said she drove out to a residence on State Route 160 in the Bidwell area to investigate as it was a short distance from her location at the time.

“I stop and see not one but three (dogs),” Cardillo said. “There was a pit bull and a little puppy. I got a picture of the (plastic) tote. It was like a makeshift dog (house). They busted a V-shape in it. There was this puppy in it laying on the ground and it was getting into the 30s (temperature) at night. The pup was almost dead. Her gums were white. She was nothing but skin and bones and she was lying there shivering.”

The tote allegedly had no bedding in it.

Cardillo said she found another “little” dog down over the hill behind the dog house. He was not moving. Cardillo originally thought he was dead. She said she finally saw the dog move. Supposedly, the dog’s chain was wrapped around a stick in the ground to which it was held. The dog had a shelter but was so wrapped around the stake, his chain length would not allow for the dog to get to the shelter. The dog had food and water and could not reach that as well, on top of seemingly also being malnourished. Cardillo said she noticed the dog had suffered some frostbite on one of its extremities as well.

Cardillo then contacted a Gallia County sheriff’s deputy to meet her at the incident site. The deputy recommended that Cardillo take all three animals discovered. Cardillo then left notice on the residence’s door. Cardillo said that no one had contacted her.

Dogs were loaded onto the warden’s truck and wrapped in blankets to get them warm.

“I can’t believe that no one had come forward to claim the dogs back,” Cardillo said. “It’s like nothing happened.”

According to Gallipolis Municipal court records and Gallia Sheriff’s Office records, Mollie Davis, 33, of Bidwell, was arraigned Monday in court over three animal cruelty cases regarding the dogs that Cardillo collected. The alleged crimes are second-degree misdemeanors and violate Ohio Revised Code section 959.13.

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By Dean Wright