Bossard to host History Day competition

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Bossard Memorial Library will play host to Ohio History Day performances Sunday starting at 1:30 p.m. as children present projects relating to regional history in originally staged presentations.

According to Bossard Memorial Library Director Debbie Saunders, middle school and high school students will present history performances in a History Day showcase.

“This gives these middle school and high school students a chance to show the community what they’ve learned and how well they are able to deliver these history-based presentations before they go onto the next level of competition,” Saunders said. “As community members come together to watch students present their History Day projects, it gives students the experience performing in front of an audience and shows the community how much work they’ve put into this. They’re going to learn something. too. I know when I’ve seen these kind of performances after going to other venues, I was really impressed by what I saw with the preparation of students, the amount of research they’d done and just their presentation skills.”

Saunders said she encourages the community to visit the event and learn some history while supporting History Day and getting to see what it is all about. Children presenting Sunday have already been to the regional competition and are advancing to the state level.

Ohio History Day events are affiliates of official National History Day. This year’s competition centers around the theme of exploration, encounter and exchange in history. Students can compete in one of five ways. They may create documentaries using slides, video, audio and computers. Students must be able to operate all equipment themselves.

Students may also create exhibits inspired by similar museum pieces. The exhibit must relate back to an event in history or subject that helps exemplify the competition year’s theme. Children can turn in annotated papers covering their historical subject and plan out original dramatizations featuring a historical subject by blocking out movement patters and designing spoken word.

Lastly, students can be asked to create interactive websites for which to present their topics.

According to Saunders, area schools had been extended an invitation to participate.

“We’re excited about what the topics are this year in preparation for the competition,” Saunders said.

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By Dean Wright