Students share their hopes for 2021

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GALLIA COUNTY — Hopes are high for 2021.

Third graders in Kemberlee Hood’s class with the Southern Ohio Digital Academy (SODA) were recently asked by the Tribune to share their hopes for the new year.

Appearing below are some of the student responses as they reflect on the past while looking forward to the future. Despite any age differences, readers may find they share many of the sentiments expressed by their younger counterparts from Gallia County Local Schools District. After all, most can agree the year 2020 has overstayed its welcome.

“My Hopes for 2021” By Penelope Taylor, Southern Ohio Digital Academy/ Hannan Trace Elementary

Nine months ago when my school said they were closing because of COVID-19, I was scared because I didn’t know what it was or why we had to close our school. Now I understand how dangerous COVID-19 is and how deadly COVID-19 can be. This is definitely a year I will never forget and I hope I don’t live through another pandemic again in my life.

When our school shut down my mom and dad decided that we would be doing the online school SODA program so that we could still see all of our grandparents and my 97 year old Great Grandmother safely. We have to work on our computers and do our work online. I really miss having a teacher right there beside me and my friends to help me. My sister Willow and I work on computers together and we sometimes have Google meets and I get to see some of my friends. I miss being with my friends at school and my friends at GC Starz cheerleading.

I know that this virus won’t be here forever so I will wear my mask and do whatever it takes to keep people safe. There is a light at the end of the tunnel coming and hopefully this virus will be gone soon. Next school year it is my wish that we can go back to normal. I am so excited to be back in the classroom, go to my friend’s birthday parties, and hug my teachers.

“A better year” By Aubrie E. Cook, Southern Ohio Digital Academy/Hannan Trace Elementary

I do not like the pandemic at all. You cannot see your friends, you have to wear a mask, and are not able to go to church.

I hope we get to go back to school, and not have to wear a mask, and not have to social distance everywhere we go. I hope we get freedom again soon.

I hope 2021 is a better year and back to normal for everyone.

“My hopes for next year” By Hazel Barcus, Southern Ohio Digital Academy/Vinton Elementary

I hope coronavirus stops and I come back to school because my mom kept me home to keep me safe. I am home schooling by myself so I hope I can see my friends in class and at recess. I hope that I can walk outside and go into stores without a mask.

I hope that it will snow and we will have something different to do like build a snowman, or go sleigh riding. I hope everyone gets better and people aren’t sick anymore. I hope people are kinder to each other.

I hope next year everyone has better holidays and gets to do all kinds of things together with friends and family that they couldn’t do this year. I hope everyone can go back to work and make money for their bills and things they need.

I hope that next year will be the best year ever.

“My hopes for 2021” By Landry Riffe, Southern Ohio Digital Academy/Hannan Trace Elementary

This article is about my hopes for 2021. Some hopes that I want in 2021 are to be able to go back to church, go to the movies again, go out to eat in restaurants, and be able to travel with my family again. With Covid-19, 2020 was not what we thought it would be.

Schools shutdown, you had to wear a mask, and you had to buy a lot of food. People complained about buying and wearing a mask. People also complained about buying a bunch of food, hand sanitizer, and most of all the lack of toilet paper. We are praying and hoping that 2021 will not be like 2020. However, 2020 allowed me to spend extra time with my family.

I got to play board games with my family, cook with them, talk with them, watch TV, and play video games. We always got to do these things, but during this time, we got to do it even more.

I listed my hopes for 2021, but the thing I hope for the most is that people will be healed from Covid-19 and they get to do all of those things with their families too. I know that God will make sure that everything goes back to normal.

“My hope for 2021” By Adrina Godfrey, Southern Ohio Virtual Academy/Addaville Elementary

It was on a regular day that I went to school. When I came home, I felt nervous because of the virus. I was mad because I couldn’t see my friends. It was horrible because I had to wear a mask everywhere and most times I didn’t even go into a store but still kept my mask on.

I know that being stuck at home and not going to school is just temporary. I have to do online schooling now and I don’t like it very well. I do like being at home with my family though. But I miss my friends a lot.

I can’t wait until the virus is over so we can go back to normal. The virus really affected a lot of people – so many people lost their jobs. When it first started everyone went out and bought all the toilet paper and foods. I just want to go back to school, I really miss walking down the halls and seeing my teacher from last year Mrs. Green. That’s my hope for 2021.

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