Stephens’s Government Efficiency & Transparency Bill heads to governor for signature

Staff Report

COLUMBUS — The Ohio House this week concurred with Senate amendments to House Bill 450, legislation sponsored by State Representative Jason Stephens (R-Kitts Hill). It will now go to the governor’s desk for a signature.

According to a news release from Stephens’ office, House Bill 450 creates a Certificate of Transition aimed at ensuring a more transparent and efficient exchange of information between outgoing and incoming fiscal officers. County Auditors, County Treasures, Townships Fiscal Officers and School Treasures will have a voice in establishing the prescribed checklist needed to complete the Certificate of Transition.

“The Senate amendments improve the bill by removing the statutory agreed upon procedure audits from statute,” said Stephens. “However, it does continue the audits under the rules that will be adopted by the Auditor of State. This will benefit several political subdivisions in Ohio that have a $5 million budget or less.”

House Bill 450 will additionally provide a checklist for local government fiscal officers transitions in order protect the officers, as well as provide transparency to local taxpayers. The amended bill passed the House with a vote of 84-2.

Information submitted on behalf of Rep. Jason Stephens.

Staff Report