Stephens supports move of US Space Command

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COLUMBUS — State Representative Jason Stephens (R-Kitts Hill) on Wednesday announced his support to move the United States Space Command Headquarters to Ohio.

In Wednesday’s House Economic and Workforce Development Committee, Stephens voted to pass Senate Concurrent Resolution 15. The resolution regards support of selecting Ohio as headquarters for the US Space Command. In June, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base was nominated as a potential location for the US Space Command headquarters.

“The future of aeronautics is in Ohio,” said Stephens. “With the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base being located in Ohio and other aeronautical advancement institutors located throughout the state, there is simply no better opportunity than to locate the United State Space Command Headquarters in Ohio.”

Institutions that support Ohio’s mission of aeronautical advancements include the following:

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base;

The National Air and Space Intelligence Center;

The Air Force Research Laboratory;

Ohio’s NASA Glenn Research Center;

The Springfield Air National Guard Base, 178th Wing, 124th Intelligence Squadron, 125th Intelligence Squadron, 126th Intelligence Squadron and 127th Intelligence Squadron;

The Air Force Institute of Technology in Ohio;

The 18th Intelligence Squadron in Ohio.

According to a news release from Stephens’ office, Ohio state legislators have recently been focusing their time and efforts on bringing the lives of military members, their families and veterans to normalcy. In the 133rd General Assembly alone, legislators have passed the following legislation:

Senate Bill 7, which would create a simple, straightforward process for military members and their spouses to continue practicing in their profession by obtaining an Ohio temporary or full license;

House Bill 18, which exempts military veterans disability severance pay from income tax;

House Bill 16, which grants state college residency status to military dependents;

House Bill 287, which provides Medicaid waivers for military families with special needs dependents in Ohio.

Also this week, Stephens provided sponsor testimony on House Bill 519, legislation that would designate April as Financial Literacy Month, to the Ohio House State and Local Government Committee.

According to a new release, a straightforward bill, House Bill 519 would highlight the importance of financial literacy to all Ohioans, especially students, through the promotion of available financial literacy tools across the state.

“Ohioans need to have knowledge about concepts related to personal finance and basic economics,” said Stephens.

Stephens cited that organizations like Atomic Credit Union offer student-run programs with the objective of equipping youth with the skills necessary to make informed financial decisions as adults.

“This time spent teaching these students financial skills will not only contribute to their long-term personal financial welfare, but also to the overall economic strength in the community. Programs such as these are helping us work towards our goal of increasing financial literacy skills and economic education for all Ohioans,” Stephens concluded.

House Bill 519 will continue to have hearings in the House State and Local Government Committee.

Information submitted by the office of State Representative Jason Stephens.

Staff Report