DeWine ‘implores Ohioans’ to prevent virus spread

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Gov. Mike DeWine

Gov. Mike DeWine

COLUMBUS — Breaking from his traditional 2 p.m. COVID-19 update news conferences, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine spoke to Ohioans late Wednesday afternoon, asking residents to unite to prevent the spread of the virus across the Buckeye State.

“Today, more Ohioans are getting sick than at any previous point in this pandemic. We are sliding down a very dangerous path, with our once flattened-curve starting to sharpen and spike,” said DeWine from the Statehouse in Columbus. “This is a worrisome, disturbing reversal of our progress – a jarring reminder of just how quickly our fate can change.”

DeWine also commended Ohioans for doing their part at the beginning of the pandemic.

However, as a news release from the governor’s office stated, with positive cases increasing, he reminded Ohioans that the choices they make today will impact the spread of the virus in the coming weeks.

The release continued, “During the speech, grounded in scientific evidence and data, Governor DeWine reminded Ohioans about the efficacy of facial coverings to protect themselves, loved ones, friends, neighbors and other citizens. He also renewed the call to socially distance and limit public gatherings.”

“I am calling on all Ohioans to once again unite,” DeWine stated. “We must work together, support each other, and help each other through this challenging time. I’ve seen you do this. I know you can do this. Ohioans can continue to help our most vulnerable, while also protecting ourselves and our families. Together, we can be the Ohio where our hospitals are not overwhelmed, where our schools can open, where sports can start, and where our economy can continue to grow.”

The news release from the governor’s office stated Ohio is “at a critical point in the COVID-19 pandemic” and DeWine “implored Ohioans to take appropriate action to reverse the rapidly increasing spread of the virus.”

The announcement comes on a day that the state saw an increase of 1,316 cases, 160 new hospitalizations and 36 new ICU admissions, all exceeding the 21-day averages. The highest total came on July 10 with 1,525 new cases. In the month of July, Ohio has reported 11 days with more than 1,000 new cases.

Ohio stands at 69,311 cases as of the 2 p.m. update on Wednesday, with a total of 3,075 deaths.

Beth Sergent and Sarah Hawley contributed to this report. Other information provided by the office of Gov. Mike DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health.

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Gov. Mike DeWine Mike DeWine

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