Snowville Creamery upgrading its production capabilities in Meigs County

Staff Report

MEIGS COUTNY — Snowville Creamery announced it is reinvesting in its Meigs County production facility. New yogurt filling and packaging machinery will soon be installed to help the company improve the speed and reliability of the production line. The total investment at the facility will be at least $75,000.

The company manufacturers of milk, cream, cheese, sour cream and yogurt. Snowville sources milk only from grass grazed cows that are certified non GMO, have been given no growth hormone or antibiotics, and possess only A-2 genetics. Snowville products are distributed through retail groceries and eateries in several Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states.

The yogurt line replacement project is being supported by financing provided by the Meigs County Community Improvement Corporation’s revolving loan fund and a grant from JobsOhio and Ohio Southeast Economic Development.

“Snowville Creamery is extremely grateful to the Meigs County Community Improvement Corporation and JobsOhio for helping us to continue to produce the cultured products that are helping us to grow our sales,” said Snowville owner Victoria Taylor. “Our unique yogurt and creme fraiche have dedicated fans who will be happy to know they can count on finding them at their local grocery stores.”

“The Snowville Creamery is an iconic business in our region that provides good jobs and quality products throughout the country. We are proud to have them in Meigs County and are thrilled to support them as they grow,” said Perry Varnadoe, Director of the Meigs County Economic Development Office.

Mike Jacoby, President of Ohio Southeast Economic Development, expressed his gratitude to the project partners for investing capital in the region. “We are grateful to Snowville Creamery, the Meigs County CIC, and JobsOhio for investing in this project. It helps retain an important employer and good jobs as well as positions the company for future growth,” said Jacoby.

Snowville produces milk and dairy products with what they call “The A-2 Difference.” Regular milk contains a protein called A1 that some humans do not digest effectively. Many people find milk with only A2 protein is easier to digest. Small local farms provide the raw milk only from grass crazed cows.

The company is also proud of its environmentally sound model, as their farmers practice regenerative and sustainable agriculture. Grass grazing uses less energy, protects water and builds soil, which retains carbon and reduces air pollution.

Snowville Creamery was founded in 2003 by Warren and Victoria Taylor to bring to market a milk that tastes better, is healthier, and is better for the environment. Victoria still leads the company and works with her team of more than 30 associates to ensure the product quality remains high and the original values of the founders are fulfilled.

Information provided by the Meigs County Economic Development Office.

Staff Report