Gallia addresses Debbie Drive sewer concerns

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Ongoing concerns with roughly half a dozen homes on Debbie Drive have encouraged Gallia County Commissioners to draft correspondence addressing the potential for the county to assume maintenance of a privately contracted sewer line after a year of proper function.

In past weeks, a fraction of residents on Debbie Drive have approached Gallia County Commissioners with concerns regarding the costs of tapping into the ongoing sewer upgrade project in Green Township. Residents with basements have brought up concerns that their homes were too close for existing construction equipment to dig trenches for new sewer lines.

Lines would be run from the back of the home to the front of their homes to connect with new sewer taps being constructed along the side of roadways in the public right of way. Contractors have brought forth concerns that the depths to which sewer lines must be dug is too deep and may effect home foundation structural integrity.

Discussions between commissioners and residents led to the drafting of a letter saying if residents privately hired a contractor, signed the proper easements and met certain legal standards, the county would assume maintenance of the privately designed sewer line in the back of residents’ land. The hope of those involved is that it would save residents costs from digging lines from the back of their homes out to the front of their homes.

Residents in the past have contested they would like the county to pay for the costs of installing a new pipeline due to the county previously maintaining an aging sewer line behind their properties. The county has contested that it cannot work on private land as part of its design plans with its consulting firm Stantec and hired contractors.

The county has been mandated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to install new sewer lines in Gallia County due to what is claimed to be aging and malfunctioning hardware.

Residents have asked the county to get the proper easements for the land and the county has contended that is the residents’ responsibility.

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By Dean Wright