State approves sending absentee ballot requests to all voters

Voters will begin receiving request in mail around Labor Day

COLUMBUS — On Monday, the Ohio Controlling Board authorized the use of federal dollars to allow the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office to send absentee ballot request forms to all 7.8 million registered voters in Ohio.

“For nearly a decade, Ohioans have received an absentee ballot request ahead of the Presidential and Gubernatorial General Election, and today’s controlling board action ensures that will be the case again this year,” said LaRose. “Sending the request — not the ballot — helps voters participate in the election and means each registered voter in Ohio can continue to choose one of three options available to them — early voting, absentee voting by mail, or voting in person on Election Day.”

The mailing of the request forms will begin around Labor Day and is estimated to cost around $1.5 million. This cost will be covered entirely through federal funds, not state dollars. Ohioans must register to vote by Oct. 5, 2020, in order to participate in the November election, and each of these newly registered voters will receive a request form in the mail. Voters are encouraged to confirm or update their voter registration information at where they can also print their own absentee ballot request form and submit it right now.

Additionally, as the Secretary of State’s office continues to help county boards with an aggressive poll worker recruitment effort, this mailing will include an option for Ohioans to sign up for the important civic duty of working as an election day poll worker. Ohioans who want to answer this important call-to-duty can also sign up at to join the tens of thousands of others around the state who perform this crucial function.

Information provided by the office of Secretary of State Frank LaRose.

Voters will begin receiving request in mail around Labor Day