Gallia public schools feeding students

By Dean Wright -

GALLIA COUNTY — With the COVID-19 outbreak sweeping across Ohio and the country, Gallia’s public schools have prepared to feed students as disease prevention efforts continue.

“We’re on the federal foods program, so what we’re preparing on for Friday is a five-day meal packet which is all we can distribute by federal guidelines. As of Friday, both South Gallia and River Valley High School will be distribution points for those meals between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. (on Fridays),” said Gallia County Local Schools Superintendent Jude Meyers, March 20. “Basically what we’ll do after that, because we’re on the federal foods program, we’ve got to document who came to receive them. We’re going to check the list. Based on the list, our principals have already identified those people who are in need who might not have come by to pick up a meal. We’ll then make arrangements to deliver those meals to those we know who might not been able to pick those up…Then Monday, we’ll get together as an admin team and see how well things went.”

Meyers said the district’s primary focus was to maintain education and feed its students as much as possible during the crisis.

“We thank the community groups and organizations and businesses who have been donating items that will be distributed to the kids,” said Meyers. “We’re very thankful for their involvement and the community’s support.”

Gallipolis City Schools District had delivered 445 breakfast and lunches Friday and served 810 students in the past week.

If families are not within walking distance of the Gallia Academy Middle School, the district can transport meals. If families are interested in the service, they can call 740-446-3214, ext 7 to schedule delivery. This additional service is being brought via volunteers.

“Without the support of our supporters and employees volunteering their time, this would not be possible,” said Craig Wright, Gallipolis City Schools superintendent. “It’s important we keep feeding our students because there are so many, not just here, but across the state who depend on these meals.”

Dean Wright is a staff reporter for Ohio Valley Publishing and can be reached at 740-446-2342.

By Dean Wright