Health Dept. addresses coronavirus

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallia Health Department recently released an announcement on social media regarding facts on the coronavirus.

“With the recent media coverage of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in China and around the world, we wanted to share a couple of quick facts that may calm your worries,” said the statement. “Did you know the coronavirus is actually a family of viruses that causes respiratory tract infections?”

The statement continues: “Generally speaking, the vast majority of people will have some form of coronavirus in their lifetime. More than likely, the number of individuals positive for coronavirus in the USA will continue to rise. Just because these numbers rise does not necessarily mean they are the same strain from Wuhan, China. It could possibly be those with respiratory tract infections are being tested for coronaviruses whereas they may not have been tested before for what looks like a cold.”

“It is possible that it may cause lower respiratory tract infections that may lead to bronchitis or pneumonia in those with compromised immune systems,” the release states. “The coronavirus is physically a large virus, which means based on its size it can’t survive in the air for too long, which is why you hear health officials stating transmission is pretty low. To protect yourself against any virus (generally speaking) we encourage regular hand washing. In all actuality, we are more concerned with the flu than the coronavirus. That’s not saying it can’t mutate and become a much more virulent virus but until then general hygiene practices will cut down on your likelihood of transmission for every virus.”

Staff Report