‘Good News’ firewood ministry returns, 3rd year

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Good News Baptist Church can be found 4045 Georges Creek Road.

Good News Baptist Church can be found 4045 Georges Creek Road.

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GALLIPOLIS — Members at Good News Baptist Church have been working to gather and split firewood as an outreach program to help local people in need and are ready to give more firewood away than they ever have, supporters recently said.

The program’s previous year’s goal of 100 truckloads of firewood was nearly attained, and they believe the goal was not met due to weather challenges. The goal for this year is set to 120 truckloads and Good News is expanding its firewood reach.

“In previous years, our focus was on simply helping people in need. We have so much firewood this year that we have to do something to help move it all, so we are also looking to sell firewood for a donation. No need required,” said Good News Baptist Church Pastor Morgan McKinniss. “At least once a quarter, we prepare baskets of food or home goods, cleaning supplies, as an example, and deliver them to families that can benefit from them. Funds made from firewood help make that possible.”

The hope for selling firewood along with giving it away to those in need is primarily to help fund other outreach programs the church operates. In the previous year, they have not only given away food and met specific needs for some families, but have also hosted a community heart health fair, a free community garden, and passed out free hot chocolate in the park during Gallipolis in Lights. The program has not been without its problems either.

“We have had a serious problem in the past and already this year of people stealing the firewood from our property. We never allow individuals to simply take the wood themselves,” said McKinniss. “All we are asking is that we load it for you. It truly is disheartening to our people that have worked so hard to get and split this wood to have it taken.”

Another problem church members have noticed in previous years is a sudden influx of requests for wood after the cold has already hit. McKinniss encourages those in need or wanting to purchase firewood to meet with the church for wood before the cold arrives in order to be prepared. The church has already hosted two giveaway days, donating only a small handful of truckloads.

The church asks that those who can afford to make a donation for wood consider doing such because free wood is reserved for those truly in need.

Giveaway days are held the first Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. until noon and all are welcome to come and get firewood. Church members ask that they be present to load wood for those requesting it. If someone is unable to make the regular giveaway days, a special appointment can be made by contacting the church by phone at 740-446-0188 or email at goodnewsgallipolis@gmail.com.

If any have further questions regarding the program or Good News Baptist Church in general, more information can be found at www.goodnewsgallipolis.com.

Good News Baptist Church can be found 4045 Georges Creek Road.
https://www.mydailytribune.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/42/2019/12/web1_0116191731a.jpgGood News Baptist Church can be found 4045 Georges Creek Road. File photo

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