RVHS Alumni Association established

By Dean Wright - [email protected]

BIDWELL — River Valley High School alumni have decided to establish a new association in an attempt to bring back some school pride.

“Basically River Valley is in its 27th year now and we looked around at the other schools in our area and realized a lot of them had alumni associations and we did not, so we felt we needed to get one started,” said RVHS Alumni Association President Eric Whitt. “The main reason we’re doing it is to bring that school pride back into River Valley and bring the alumni together. Our ultimate goal, which we plan on doing in the spring, is establishing an alumni association scholarship to give to at least one to two students who graduate from River Valley each year…Really the main thing is to bring the alumni and give them a place to be a part of and bring that pride back.”

At the upcoming Friday homecoming game at RVHS, association members are anticipated to hold a kickoff event. A tent will be held pregame around 5:30 p.m. with information and applications. Hotdogs, chips and drinks will be available for free and inside the stadium beside the bleachers, a table will be available for alumni to find.

“Our first class was 1993 and now we are all the way up to the latest,” said Whitt. “If you want to be a member, we’ll have all the information and can take your application…This will include all the classes back in the old River Valley building and into the new one as well. This is all classes back to River Valley’s beginning.”

Whitt said the association would ideally have three to four alumni events a year.

“We’re going to acknowledge the first graduating class because they paved the way for everything to come after and we’d like to thank them for that,” said association member Aaron Walker.

“River Valley has all kinds of different people,” said Walker. “We’ve had attorneys, doctors, people who played college ball as well as others who are some of our favorites and are locals who are hardworking men and women dedicated to their communities who now have kids going through the system. River Valley had a rough beginning. It was comprised of other schools before coming together and we want to recognize that. School rivalries eventually came together and established a unified identify.”

Whitt said those interested could find more information on the River Valley High School Alumni Association Facebook page.

Dean Wright can be reached at 740-446-2342.

By Dean Wright

[email protected]