Gallia shelter dog returned to Cleveland owner

Max, the mastiff, was returned Tuesday to his Cleveland owners, Candace and Greg Hood, after spending time in the Gallia County K-9 Shelter.

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia County K-9 Shelter returned a Cleveland dog to its owners Tuesday.

According to Gallia County Dog Warden Laurie Cardillo, Max, a pure-bred mastiff, was a stray found in a remote part of the county on a street with only three homes.

Cardillo said she still has no idea how the dog came to find its way so far out in the county. Max wore no tags. Cardillo scanned Max for microchip identification and the information revealed he belonged to Greg Hood, of Cleveland. The listed phone number was no longer valid, however.

Cardillo searched for Hood through Facebook and lost dog search organizations like Home Again Ohio. Individuals networked through the Internet and finally contacted Hood through a family member who saw a post about Max. Cardillo reached out to Hood and he returned her correspondence from Rockwell International, a manufacturer involved in aircraft and space technologies. Hood confirmed his story with Cardillo and arrived in Gallipolis on Tuesday to retrieve the mastiff.

Greg and Candace Hood entrusted Max to the care of a woman from Mentor, Ohio, two years ago after they moved into a townhouse that did not allow for large breed dogs. Wearing the same chain and harness from that time, shelter staff discovered him.

The Hoods will be moving Friday to a new farm in Greenfield, Ohio, with plenty of room for Max to run around.

“You should have seen Greg’s face and the dog when they were reunited in the shelter office,” Cardillo said. “Happy endings. I love them.”