Columbus man accused of attempted robbery

By Dean Wright -

Dominique Granger

Dominique Granger

GALLIPOLIS — Gallipolis police arrested a Columbus man for allegedly inducing panic, attempted robbery, possession of weapons while under disability, tampering with evidence and aggravated menacing after an incident Saturday at the Robbie’s BP station on Vine Street in Gallipolis.

Dominique Granger, 26, of Columbus, is currently being held in the Gallia County Jail after being arrested by the Gallipolis Police Department after the incident in question. He will have a preliminary hearing on felony charges Feb. 2 in Gallipolis Municipal Court.

According to GPD records, officers were dispatched to the gas station around 9:45 p.m. Saturday. Dispatchers informed police that a man wearing a hoodie and wielding a gun had chased another man into the BP station. Witnesses told police that Granger had allegedly chased another man into the store.

Supposedly, the man being chased was allegedly shouting to others in the store and he believed Granger was going to shoot him. One victim allegedly ducked to the floor and stayed there until Granger left after Granger allegedly pointed his gun at three individuals in the store.

Police records say the man who was being chased barricaded himself inside a restroom.

Police reports state the individual who barricaded himself in the restroom was walking behind Basket Delights on Vine Street earlier and allegedly encountered Granger, who was reportedly was holding money in hand and yelling at the victim. Reports say Granger allegedly threw money at the victim and reached down into the snow to pick up a handgun before chasing the victim.

While police were interviewing victims, they received another call from dispatch to head out to Garfield Avenue.

According to reports, the caller allegedly said he encountered a man fitting Granger’s description who had knocked on his door. The man supposedly offered help to the individual. The man fitting Granger’s description allegedly told the caller he had been stabbed. After instructing the individual who had knocked on the caller’s door to sit, the caller moved to enter his house and shut the door. The man then allegedly attempted to force his way into the caller’s home. The caller allegedly had to physically push the other out of his doorway before shutting the door. Afterwards, the man allegedly ran south on Garfield Avenue.

According to reports, GPD officers located Granger in the area of Garfield Avenue shortly after. Granger allegedly told officers he had been kidnapped by gun point in Columbus and put in the trunk of a car. Police searched Granger but did not find a gun on his person. Granger was transported by Gallia County EMS to Hozler Hospital to be cleared of potential hypothermia.

Reports say that officers observed surveillance footage of the incident in the BP store and saw an individual allegedly appearing like Granger to be pointing a gun at the victims in question.

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Dominique Granger Granger

By Dean Wright