Results of Gallia Jr. Fair tobacco sale

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallia County Junior Fair ended Saturday with winners and sales across a variety of agricultural products. Here are the top tobacco sales and winners of 2019.

Hunter Wright of the Pairs and Spares Club and son of Toni and Tim Wright was labeled the contest’s champion. Gallia Commissioners Brent Saunders and Harold Montgomery, the campaign initiative Jeff Halley for State Representative, John Cardwell and Mercerville Convenience purchased the tobacco for a total of $900.

Tayler Excavating purchased the second tobacco sale for $1,100 grown by Judah Cremeens of Pairs and Spares Club. Judah is the son of Trent and Angela Cremeens. Daines Insurance Agency made the third tobacco sale at $500 from Chloey Campbell of All for 1. Bradley and Tanya Cremeens and Mercerville Convenience bought Ean Combs’ tobacco, of Pairs and Spares, for $500. Cody and Joyce Boothe in memory of J.R. Boothe bought the tobacco of Jaret Boothe, of Pairs and Spares, for $600.

Thivener Pioneers’ Natalie Swain’s tobacco was purchased by Daines Insurance Company for $500. Pairs and Spare’s Noel Hammock’s tobacco was purchased by retired Judge Dean Evans for $500.

Devin Noah was recognized for Best Junior Interview and took the junior trophy for ages eight through 13. His tobacco was purchased by Daines Insurance Agency and Duncan’s Running Springs Farm. Junior Skillathon Second Place Lyla Swain of Thivener Pioneers had her tobacco purchased by Abbyshire Nursing for $700. Blaise Davison, of Pairs and Spares, had his tobacco purchased by Verlin Swain for $800 and was third place in the junior skillathon.

Staff Report