Learning to fly radio controlled planes

Demonstration set for June 23

Staff Report

RIO GRANDE — Learning to fly just became a little easier.

Recently, the Rio Grande Flyers Club held a public demonstration of radio controlled model airplanes at the Bossard Memorial Library with both adults and children invited to attend. A follow-up demonstration will be offered on June 23, at 1:30 p.m. at the club field, located across the road from the Bob Evans Restaurant in Rio Grande.

According to a news release from the Rio Grande Flyers Club, “the library demonstration was fun, with several club members explaining how airplanes fly, how they are controlled, and finally an electronic simulator to practice flying the airplanes. The children especially enjoyed trying to fly the airplane for the first time. They had controls with a full sized screen to see their efforts.”

After a crash, the electronic controls could be reset with the push of a button, for another try.

“The kids had a ball, but with no real damage from the crashes,” a press release from the Club continued.

“At first the take-offs would result in an uncontrolled climb, followed by a stall and spectacular crash with parts flying everywhere. But the kids learned fast and after only a few attempts, began to learn how to take-off, fly around, and even start to do a landing.”

The simulator was the most popular event of the evening with a long line, but all had many opportunities to try it before the program’s end. Several model planes were on hand for examination and children were given a chance to “try out the controls” using the actual transmitters. They watched the plane’s elevators and rudders respond to the control input.

Interest in the repeat demonstration on June 23 in Rio Grande was reportedly high from those who attended the event at the library. In Rio Grande, the simulator will be available for practice by beginners and the public is invited to come try it out. Club members will also perform real flights and acrobatics for viewing enjoyment on June 23.

These events are partially supported by a grant from the national organization, the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

Information submitted by Howard Linder, safety officer for the Rio Grand Flyers R/C Club.

Demonstration set for June 23

Staff Report