Icy roads result in five car-crash

By Dean Wright - deanwright@civitasmedia.com

WALNUT TOWNSHIP — a five-vehicle collision Friday morning on State Route 141 near milepost six in Walnut Township sent three people to the hospital.

Two of the people were pedestrians inspecting damage to their respective vehicles after a previous accident.

According to reports from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, troopers started receiving calls around 8 a.m. that morning. Reports say witnesses placed the first collision around 7:30 a.m. All individuals involved with the incident blamed slick road conditions, icy drizzle, and the curve and grade of the road as being factors for the event.

No individuals were cited for collisions due to road conditions.

Mari Jane Littlejohn, 62, of Patriot, was traveling east on State Route 141 in a 2014 Fiat Abarth when Kevyn West, 36, of Patriot, slid across the center line and struck Littlejohn in a sideswipe-like fashion as he traveled west in his 2015 Volkswagen Beetle. According to reports, West’s vehicle slid as he slowed around the curve in the road. Littlejohn was reported as going around 35 mph. West was reportedly traveling around 45 mph. Both were wearing seat belts. Littlejohn’s vehicle reportedly struck a guard rail after spinning.

Shortly afterward, according to reports, Perry Puckett, 77, of Willow Wood, was traveling east on State Route 141 in a 1994 Ford Explorer. As he approached the curve in the road, he attempted to slow upon seeing West and Littlejohn. As his vehicle swung left, Puckett allegedly overcorrected and ended up in an embankment. He left his vehicle to check on the others. Reports say Puckett was allegedly traveling around 25 mph.

Nicki Roach, 47, of Patriot, was traveling east on State Route 141 in her 1998 Chevrolet Malibu LS when she lost control and drove off to the left side of the road, striking a guard rail and sliding into the same embankment as Puckett on the opposite side of the road. Police reports state she was traveling around 30 mph.

All three drivers reported having traveled State Route 141 in the same area several times a week as part of their normal routine.

Orville Ingles, of Patriot, joined the collisions with a larger 1996 International Harvester log truck. He was traveling west on the road before encountering David Grover, 61, who was driving a 2002 Toyota Tacoma Regular. Grover reportedly went left of center and off the left side of the road before striking a guard rail on the other side of the road. Grover then collided with Ingles.

Ingles reported to troopers he was traveling around 5 mph once the collision occurred.

Dorothy Schumm, 72, of Patriot, was traveling east on State Route 141 in a 2013 Lincoln MKZ. Police reports state she felt her vehicle begin to slide as she approached the collision scene. Schumm was reportedly traveling around 30 mph. As the Lincoln slid, she struck the Toyota Tacoma, which was still in contact with the log truck. Grover and Puckett were allegedly standing behind the Toyota inspecting damage done to vehicles in the series of collisions. Both individuals were thrown from the scene.

Reports say that Schumm, Puckett and Grover were taken to hospitals with non-lie-threatening injuries, according to reports.

All individuals wore seat belts on initial collisions, according to reports.

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By Dean Wright