Three cars collide near Holzer

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — A three automobile collision occurred at 3 p.m. Wednesday after one vehicle allegedly rear-ended another and pushed it into a third.

The first vehicle flipped onto its top after shoving a second vehicle into the third’s back on Jackson Pike in front of Holzer Hospital.

According to Ohio State Highway Patrol officials, all automobiles involved in the collision were eastbound. Two vehicles were awaiting the traffic light in front of Ohio Valley Bank where Jackson Pike intersects with State Route 160 before being hit by a third vehicle that allegedly failed to stop in time. According to Lt. Max Norris of OSHP, this caused the incident-starting vehicle to roll over.

One woman was cited by state troopers for allegedly failing to maintain an assured clear distance from the vehicle in front of hers. No alcohol or drug use was suspected of any of the three people in the incident.

Loren Beaver, 74, of Gallipolis, was driving a 2007 Silver Chevrolet HHR before colliding with a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by John Blazer, 25, of Gallipolis. He was uninjured. His vehicle was reportedly shoved into a 2003 Lincoln LS driven by Jacqueline Jones, 61, of Gallipolis. Jones suffered non-incapacitating injuries and was driven by a friend to Holzer’s Emergency Room. All individuals were wearing seat belts. No one was ejected from their respective vehicles.

Norris suspected that either Beaver’s vehicle rolled atop the back of the Cherokee and caused it to roll onto its side or momentum of impact carried Beaver’s vehicle’s backside to continue traveling left of the Cherokee and then cause the vehicle to roll.

The Ohio Revised Code 4511.21 states that “No person shall operate a motor vehicle, trackless trolley, or streetcar at a speed greater or less than is reasonable or proper, having due regard to the traffic, surface, and width of the street or highway and any other conditions, and no person shall drive any motor vehicle, trackless trolley, or streetcar in and upon any street or highway at a greater speed than will permit the person to bring it to a stop within the assured clear distance ahead.”

The collision is one of the first to be recorded for the new year in Gallia County. According to the OSHP website, 688 crashes were investigated in 2015. Of those crashes, six were fatalities in comparison to one fatality in 2014 and four in 2013. One crash in 2015 was motorcycle-related and two were OVI-related.

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By Dean Wright