Dogs of the Week

Minnie is a 5-month-old Catahoula basset hound mix. She is friendly with children and other dogs. She loves to play and is crate-trained. She could be potentially trained as a hunting companion. She comes with a spay and neuter voucher.

Bowser is a 7-month-old husky and shepherd mix. He is good with people, other animals and children, but should likely be kept away from birds as he is known to chase them. He is high energy and would make for a good family with preteen children. He is a low-shed animal, taking more after his shepherd side. He loves to crawl onto laps.

Frick (pictured) and Frack are sibling males and hound mix dogs that could potentially be trained to hunt. They are roughly one year old. The Gallia County dog warden says both would best be served in a one-dog home as they can be a bit protective unless paired together. He could potentially be a good watchdog. Shelter staff are unsure how the pair would do around children. They are moderate-energy dogs.

Frack is the other half of the canine duo.

The Gallia County K-9 Shelter is always looking to provide dogs to loving homes. They have been doing adoptions events at Rural King in Gallipolis on a monthly Saturday in hopes of getting the message out. Currently, the shelter is running specials on select animals. Call (740) 441-0207 to learn more.