Beacon Light to address RVMS, hold concert

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BIDWELL — Beacon Light, a Christian hip hop artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan, is anticipated to speak with River Valley Middle School students Wednesday about making good choices, hope and will also be holding an after concert at Good News Baptist Church at 7 p.m., free and open to the public.

Good News Baptist is located at 4045 Georges Creek Road.

“The goal at the concert is to connect kids with local churches as a means of building them up and giving kids community and resources and putting them around people who will care about them and invest in them,” said Good News Baptist Pastor Morgan McKinniss. “At the school, Beacon Light is going to talk about making good choices and how consequences can affect your life.”

“The kids here are talented. They’re gifted and amazing people,” continued McKinniss. “A lot of these kids get a crappy shake at life. A lot of them grow up with a parent or someone important in their life who is suffering with substance abuse or emotional abuse. Some don’t have enough to eat. …The attempt here is not to exude pity. We genuinely care for kids and want to help them out.”

McKinniss said the faith-based student outreach welcomes all area churches with interest in assisting young people.

According to,”From the moment Beacon cried out to God he felt Him working in his life to change, and heal, his heart. He decided to go to Grace Bible College. After deciding to major in Biblical studies (B.S. 2009), Beacon was introduced to Lecrae’s music and realized that his own musical and writing gifts could be used to lead people to the healing found in Christ. In addition to writing he went on to win a National Basketball Championship with his teammates at Grace. He was chosen as an Honorable Mention All-American for his hard work on the court and godly character…In 2007, he began writing, recording, and performing songs. His goal was and still is to bring people to the light of Christ. He notes, ‘Popular culture constantly tells young people that material possessions, drinking, and sex, are the way to happiness. But they only temporarily numb the pain. Life with Christ is incomparable; nowhere else can you find true love, peace, comfort and strength.’… In 2011 Beacon married his beautiful wife and they have recently added a wonderful baby girl to their family. ‘My life is a picture of God’s redemption,’ Beacon states. ‘My life is blessed because of Him.’”

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Staff Report