McCoy sentenced 8 years for child endangerment

By Dean Wright -



GALLIPOLIS — A Gallipolis man was recently sentenced in the Gallia Court of Common Pleas by Judge Margaret Evans to eight years in a state facility after pleading guilty to the felony of second-degree child endangerment.

Mark McCoy, 45, reportedly endangered a two-year-old relative between the dates of December 19 and 24 last year when in the same residence.

“His statements were that the dog knocked (the relative) down the stairs, then it changed to falling down the stairs and a block or item was at the bottom of the stairs,” said Gallia Prosecutor Jason Holdren. “Then he indicated that he was working on something, tightening it and his hand slipped and strikes (the relative) in the genital area. Unfortunately for him, that doesn’t coincide in 10 recordings where he is cursing at a two-year-old about peeing on his floor.”

Reportedly, a woman in the residence with McCoy and the child relative recorded McCoy verbally abusing the child. The next morning, the child asked her to take him to the bathroom. There she noticed bruising and signs of abuse. She then took the child and placed him in a vehicle before McCoy woke and left the residence with the child, before taking him to a place of safety and alerting law enforcement.

The two-year-old was inspected by a pediatrician who specializes in trauma at a children’s hospital.

“She doesn’t know any other evidence we have and sees the child and makes a determination,” said Holdren. “Her determination was this was non-accidental trauma. Intentionally inflicted trauma. These injuries are consistent with an individual getting upset that a child is having accidents and not catching onto potty training. That’s quite ironic because that’s what our recordings show. (McCoy) is upset about that.”

The prosecutor said McCoy admitted to being under the influence of “flakka,” also called alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, closely related with what have been called bath salts. McCoy said he didn’t remember much of anything while on them.

McCoy was arrested December 26, 2018 upon coming in for an interview with law enforcement at the Gallipolis Justice Center.

Holdren thanked Gallipolis Detective Sergeant Justin Rice for his work on the case.

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By Dean Wright