Bossard Library prepares for new heights

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia’s Bossard Memorial Library is looking forward to a new year of reading, community outreach and reaching for the stars with an interactive exhibit focused on NASA.

In upcoming events, Feb. 28, the library is partnering with Holzer Health System to present a program on creating healthy soups and eating habits with dietician Mara Pineau. Soups anticipated to be featured include turmeric tomato, spicy black bean, sausage white bean and kale, and Thai curry. Participants will have a chance to taste-test and will receive a leaflet of recipes. The event is free to the public.

“When summer rolls around, we’ll have our normal summer reading program and this year it will be based around the theme of (outer) space,” said Bossard Memorial Library Director Debbie Saunders. “Summer reading will focus on children up through teen ages and we have many performers and special programs lined up. Specifically, June 22 will be our Space Camp we will have for children and families.”

Norwood’s Drake Planetarium is anticipated to appear at the Bossard Space Camp with its mobile planetarium and to be held in the library’s atrium area. Indoor and outdoor activities are anticipated to occur during Space Camp.

“We have other yet to be revealed features for Space Camp and are lining them up now to make it a fun and educational day for families,” said Saunders.

Summer reading sign-ups will be held in early June.

The library will also play host to Space: A Journey to Our Future from September, 2019, into January 5, 2020. The exhibit is produced by Evergreen Exhibitions in collaboration with NASA.

“We would like to hopefully continue doing exhibits like this,” said Saunders. “We felt that Bodies Revealed was a new and exciting thing for our patrons and we offered entrance free to the public. The public supports us with their tax dollars and we want to give them something they might not normally get to see. These kinds of exhibits in other places might be a long drive or expensive admission. We think this will be a big draw to Gallia for the tri-state area, both for education and fun.”

In September 2016, Bossard was the first library in the world to feature the Bodies Revealed exhibit, which showcases real human bodies preserved through a process that allows visitors to see both organs and bodies with tissue in the open. The exhibition drew thousands to Gallia County, some of those being medical professionals, students and curious members of the public.

Space: A Journey to Our Future will reportedly allow for visitors to have the opportunity to touch lunar rocks, get up-close views of artifacts from NASA programs as well as explore what is expected to be a lunar base camp with a walk-through space habitat.

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By Dean Wright