Candidates register for 2016 election

GALLIPOLIS — Candidates for Gallia County office openings have officially been recognized for the primary election March 15.

According to Gallia County Board of Elections Director Jeff Halley, three individuals are vying for positions against incumbents.

Incumbent Democrat Jeff Adkins will compete for the county prosecutor’s office against Republican challenger and attorney Jason D. Holdren, while Democrat and Gallia County Sheriff Joe Browning will face a challenge from Republican Lt. Matt Champlin of the Gallipolis Police Department for county sheriff.

Current Gallipolis City Commissioner Mike Brown, who was not re-elected to his city seat, is seeking to unseat Gallia County Commissioner David Smith for his position.

Gallipolis Municipal Court Judge Margaret Evans is seeking a seat on the Gallia County Court of Common Pleas as Judge D. Dean Evans will be stepping down as Ohio law states he cannot be re-elected past the age of 70. As of now, no one is running for the Municipal Court judge seat since there is still term time left on it. Should Judge Margaret Evans leave the position for common pleas court, someone will be appointed to the position.

Gallia County Commission President Brent Saunders will be seeking a position with fellow commissioners again. Gallia County Recorder Roger Walker remains unchallenged for the recorder’s position. Gallia County Engineer Brett Boothe remains the sole individual running for the engineer’s seat. State Rep. and Republican Ryan Smith, of Bidwell, will again be seeking a position in the Ohio House of Representatives. Gallia County Treasurer Steve McGhee remains unchallenged for the treasurer seat. Noreen Saunders remains unchallenged as the Gallia County Clerk of Courts, and Dr. Daniel Whiteley will run unchallenged for the seat of Gallia County Coroner.

U.S. presidential candidates running in the Ohio primary as Republicans are as follows: Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum and Donald Trump.

Democratic candidates running for the presidential seat are as follows: Hillary Clinton, Roque De La Fuente, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders and Willie Wilson.

County residents may also anticipate a reappearance of November’s Gallia County Junior Fair relocation one-quarter of 1 percent sales tax levy issue. Gallipolis City residents may be expected to vote on an additional 1 percent income tax raise to residents and individuals working in the city. Gallipolis City officials are also seeking to create a revitalization district in the downtown area and city voters may also expect to see this on their ballots soon.

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Gallia County elections officials say the TSX Dominion is a customary and standard piece of voting equipment that will be used for the March 15 primary election. County elections officials say the TSX Dominion is a customary and standard piece of voting equipment that will be used for the March 15 primary election.

By Dean Wright

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