RVHS holds Academic Festival

By Dean Wright - deanwright@aimmediamidwest.com

Pictured are River Valley High School Academic Festival projects in the school gymnasium.

Pictured are River Valley High School Academic Festival projects in the school gymnasium.

Courtesy photo

BIDWELL — River Valley High School students recently took part in an Academic Festival, where they focused their projects around questions of science or social studies.

“Students were in different divisions,” said RVHS science teacher JP Davis. “One division might be ninth and tenth grade, and another eleventh and twelfth. We have students, if they make a score of 90 percent or higher, they have the opportunity to qualify, like if they did a history project, for District Nine History Day. That is on Feb. 23 at the University of Rio Grande. For science students, if they get 90 percent or higher for their projects, they get to qualify for District 14 Science Day on March 23 at the University of Rio Grande.”

Projects are geared towards students in college preparatory courses.

“If they’re in (freshman) Honors World History, they have to do a History Day project and each year they have their own theme,” said Davis. “This year’s theme was called ‘Triumph and Tragedy.’ For freshmen science students, they had to design their own project based on the scientific method.”

The festival at RVHS is school-wide. Students from outside Gallia and from across the region are anticipated to come to the respective academic days at Rio as well. Those who receive high ratings at the district events can move onto a state level. Roughly 165 students take part in the festival at RVHS.

“So, the History Day is mostly just freshman,” said Davis. “We do have juniors and seniors who participate and may have done a presentation. Like if they were doing social studies, they may have focused on a (U.S.) Supreme Court case. If they were in science, for environmental science, they might have to do a scientific experiment or presentation based around that. For seniors, they did things based more around anatomy and physiology, so they did a genetic (health issues) report.”

Davis said projects could qualify for presentation at the Gallia County Local Schools Arts and Sciences Gala.

“We’ve done this every year since we were younger,” said RVHS student Chloe Gee, senior. “A lot of times I took it upon myself to participate in History Day and I would actually write a whole play, have props, costumes and everything and present the play. And every time I did that, I went to State History Day and I think two years in a row I got third place in the state. Last year, I did one of those (presentations) on a court case. I feel like doing the play and presentation helped me speak in front of people I didn’t know, answer questions on the spot I may not have thought of before and it’s helped me with my work ethic too. It is a lot of work.”

The Raider Review’s student journalists from Kaleigh Cox’s class covered the day’s events.

“I think we did a good job,” said student journalist Ethan Browning. “We split up into groups and each person on the team conducted either a different interview with a student presenting or a judge and we took it upon ourselves to take pictures. One thing we noticed was the difference between judges, like if one had judged longer or if it was their first year. They had different perspectives on judging.”

Results of the events are as follows:

Division One: Social Studies

Jerilyn Darst and Courtnie Provens: Griswold vs. Connecticut (100 percent), Evalena Ehman: Tinker vs. Des Moines (99 percent), Jade Douglas, Josh Farmer and Abby Justus: Roe vs. Wade (98 percent), Morgan House: Texas vs. Johnson (98 percent) Kaylynn Sturgeon and Alex Wood: Tinker vs. Des Moines (96 percent), Chantelle McClain-Brown: Brown vs. Board of Education (96 percent), Derek Reese and Ryan Snyder: Reynolds vs. US (96 percent), Hayden Kinney and Jacob McGee: Gideon vs Wainright (96 percent), Brady Dawson: Miranda vs. Arizona (95 percent), Jared Reese and Kaylee Gillman: Roth vs. US (95 percent).

Division One: Science

Courtney Provens and Jessika Hall: Which liquid removes rust the best? (100 percent), Cierra Roberts: Hemophilia Type B (100 percent), Destiny Dotson: Huntington’s Disease (100 percent), Eric Weber: Hemophilia (99 percent), Tristin Riley: Allergens in air between home and school (97 percent), Jayla Sargent: Phenylketonuria (94 percent), Hannah Johnson and Chase Caldwell: Can dogs see color (93 percent), Adrianna Powell: Down Syndrome (90 percent), Skylar Jones: Williams Syndrome (97 percent).

Division 2: Social Studies

Ian Swisher, Braden McGuire and Cody Wooten: Crash of 1970, Ashes no Glory (100 percent), Young and John Santos: Atomic Bomb (99 percent), Morrisa Barcus and Case Stidham: the Fight for Loving (98 percent), Ethan Schultz: 77 3rd Tank Destroyer Battalion (98 percent), Jaydyn Armstrong: Resolve of the Russian People (97 percent), Erika Justice: Smallpox (97 percent), Lauren Twyman: Little Rock Nine (96 percent), Jake Mays: Desert Storm (97 percent), Landen and Levi Dodrill: Nazi Art Looting (96 percent), Matthew Witt: Buried Secrets (96 percent), Grace Hash: Salem Witch Trials (94 percent), William Hash: Christopher Columbus (94 percent), Mersadez Cochran: Salem Witch Trials (94 percent), Brooklynn Sizemore: WWI Nazi Theft (94 percent), Allie Holley and Lexie Taylor: Elizabeth Smart (94 percent).

Division 2: Science

Hannah Jacks and Dalton Jones: Mold Growth (100 percent), Aislynn Bostic: After the Dishes (100 percent), Amanda Velasquez: Stroop Effect (100 percent), Libby North and Alison Roush: How Aspirin affects plant growth (99 percent), Jayden Armstrong: How well do antiseptics work? (97 percent), Dalton Mershon: Supercooling water (97 percent), Ilo Dodson and Jacob Mays: Wood gasification (97 percent), Brooklyn Sizemore: Aluminum and composite bats (97 percent), Kelsey Price: Manure (96 percent), Taylor Ramey and Megan Spencer: How many germs are on a person’s hand? (95 percent), Isaac Barrett: How do varying colors affect the grow rate of marigolds? (95 percent), Cody Wooten: The effect of temperature on resistance of copper wire (95 percent), Lauren Twyman: How fears change with age (94 percent), Seth Jones: Does apple color and pH level affect sweetness? (93 percent), Katlyn Clark: Do magnets affect regeneration? (92 percent).

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Pictured are River Valley High School Academic Festival projects in the school gymnasium.
https://www.mydailytribune.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/42/2019/02/web1_academivfest.jpgPictured are River Valley High School Academic Festival projects in the school gymnasium. Courtesy photo

By Dean Wright