Gallia 911, EMA updates county commissioners

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia 911 Communications Center and Emergency Management Agency officials met with Gallia Commissioners Thursday to update them on the latest progress and actions handled by the organizations.

According to 911 and EMA Executive Director Sherry Daines, 911 is waiting for approval on an upgrade grant. Should the grant be approved, it should assist with the 911 system, itself, and the way calls come into the center, said Daines. Deputy Director Keith Wilson said that some of the phone systems installed in the 911 building were around 20 years old and due for an upgrade. Should the grant not be approved, Daines said the organization would need to look at other options in need to upgrade the system.

Last quarter of 2018, the organizations participated in active shooter drills with both the Buckeye Hills Career Center and Gallipolis City Schools. Daines said there had been no major equipment problems or other such issues either organization has had to handle.

“We’re dealing with the cold the best that we can,” said Daines. “We’ve reached out to law enforcement agencies to have them check on folks that we know might have sheltering issues and we’ve had no requests for assistance at this point.”

“There were six families out (of power) on State Route 7 the other night,” said Daines of Wednesday. “We’ve had no requests so far as far as sheltering.”

The director anticipates some debt service being completed in May of this year.

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By Dean Wright