Deputies arrest man for assault on EMS

By Dean Wright - [email protected]

Michael Huckleby

Michael Huckleby

GALLIPOLIS — Michael Huckleby was arrested Tuesday by Gallia County Sheriff’s Office deputies and indicted on a fourth-degree felony assault charge for an alleged entanglement with a Gallia County EMS member.

According to Gallia County Sheriff Joe Browning, deputies were called out to an incident on Market Street in Bidwell around 2 p.m. Huckleby was arrested for allegedly spitting on one individual and shoving a Gallia County EMS member as he was attempting to treat individuals allegedly overdosing on opioids.

According to police reports, upon arriving on scene, deputies observed EMS members had removed themselves from the situation. The homeowner of the address informed deputies from her vehicle that she was going to be taking people the hospital, then left.

Allegedly, Huckleby kept demanding that someone owed him $800.

Allegedly, Huckleby claimed he did not sell heroin but only crack cocaine. Huckleby was placed in custody and driven to the Gallia County Jail. According to Browning, Huckleby allegedly had an outstanding warrant for a prior failure to appear in a court proceeding. The alleged assault on the medic was then filed through the Gallia County Prosecutor’s Office and the Gallia County Grand Jury chose to indict Huckleby on a fourth-degree felony charge.

According to Gallia County Prosecutor Jeff Adkins, assaults are not always fourth-degree felonies.

According to the Ohio Revised Code section 29013.13, assault violations are often categorized as misdemeanors of the first degree unless committed upon certain individuals.

The ORC states beneath section 29013.13,”f the victim of the (assault) offense is a peace officer or an investigator of the bureau of criminal identification and investigation, a firefighter, or a person performing emergency medical service, while in the performance of their official duties, assault is a felony of the fourth degree.”

The first sections of the code state that “no person shall knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical harm to another or to another’s unborn.” Another states that an individual shall also not “recklessly” commit phyisical harm to another or another’s unborn child.

According to Brown, Huckleby allegedly claimed he was unaware he was shoving an EMS member who had entered the residence as Huckleby was allegedly trying to recover money owed to him for drug purchases.

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Michael Huckleby Huckleby

By Dean Wright

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