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Terri Moore, Holzer Orthopedic patient, poses with her husband, Ken.

Terri Moore, Holzer Orthopedic patient, poses with her husband, Ken.

GALLIPOLIS — “My only regret is that I didn’t have these surgeries sooner,” stated Terri Moore, of Point Pleasant, W.Va., who was a recent orthopedic patient of Holzer Health System. “My pain is gone and I am enjoying life again.”

Moore was experiencing severe hip pain and difficulty walking. Completing daily activities had become almost impossible because of lack of range of motion and the pain associated. She had her right hip replaced in January 2015 and the left replaced in July 2015. Both surgeries were completed by Dr. Bruce Haupt, of Holzer Orthopedics.

Nearly 200,000 hip replacements are performed each year in the United States, and the number continues to grow as the population ages. There is no age limit for this elective operation unless an underlying health problem makes any operation too risky.

The usual reasons for hip replacement are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and traumatic arthritis, all of which can cause pain and stiffness that limit mobility and the ability to perform activities of daily living.

“My care was great. I was an inpatient at Holzer Medical Center-Jackson following both surgeries. Dr. Haupt and Dorothy Lollathin, physician assistant, orthopedics, checked on me frequently. The nurses were attentive to my needs and my pain was well controlled. The therapists at the hospital were supportive and reassured me when I was unsure that I could do what they ask. Multiple staff members stopped to check on me. I really appreciated everyone’s care and concern.”

When Moore was discharged, she completed outpatient therapy at the Holzer Sycamore location in Gallipolis.

“I cannot praise the therapists enough. They were kind, yet made sure that I did the things that were not always comfortable, to ensure that I could get back to my full potential,” she said. “They are amazing for the work they do to get you back in shape and would educate me on why they were working with a specific muscle group or why I would have pain in a certain area.

“In addition, the staff at both locations were as interested in my husband’s needs as my own. They explained things that I would need him to do and kept him aware of everything that was going on. He was allowed to stay with me during my treatments. It was a great comfort to have him with me.”

Moore has been an employee with Holzer for more than 40 years.

“I was treated very well by everyone I came into contact with during my healing journey,” she said. “I had no fears or worries. Staff respected my privacy throughout my experience. I would, and do, recommend this group to everyone I know who may need this service.”

Moore and her husband, Ken, reside in Point Pleasant.

Terri Moore, Holzer Orthopedic patient, poses with her husband, Ken.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/42/2015/12/web1_Terri-Moore.jpgTerri Moore, Holzer Orthopedic patient, poses with her husband, Ken.

Staff Report