Gallia Commissioners approve appropriations

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia Commissioners recently approved an end of fiscal year 2018 appropriation for all county funds that were provided by the Gallia Auditor’s Office after all final end-of-year business was concluded.

The board of commissioners reportedly adopted the resolution as the document would reduce the cost of the state audits and audits would be able to be completed faster because state auditors could start with the final year end report as opposed to taking the beginning of the year appropriation resolution and then having to research all transfers and supplemental appropriations from the commissioners’ journal.

The end of the 2018 fiscal year report said that the county appropriated around $10,222,305, special revenues at $72,737,503 with a grand total of all funds at $82,959,809. All commissioners approved the resolution.

The commissioners also approved the hiring of Kim Elliot with the title of assistant clerk of the board.

Commissioners approved of a grant application to the Ohio Pet Fund for $1,500 to be utilized to cover the increase cost in spay and neuter fees charged by local veterinarians for dogs being adopted from the shelter in 2019. The application estimates 100 dogs to be adopted times a $15 increase. Area veterinarians increased spay and neuter fees, reportedly, from $40 to $55 during 2018. The county says it was seeking ways to cover the cost without passing along additional costs to the public. If awarded, the grant should cover the $15 increase. Commissioners approved the measure.

The county was also presented with a drawing for the next Green Township Sewer Project, Phase Two.

Staff Report