County CDBG projects recognized for “best practices”

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia Commissioners were informed Thursday by County Administrator Karen Sprague that two of the county’s CDBG Allocation funding projects were recently recognized by the Ohio Conference of Community Development as best practice projects.

The Ohio Township Fire Substation project was first discussed in 2008 when Ohio Township Trustees alerted the commissioners of long fire response times for certain areas along the Ohio River. A site was selected and purchased by Ohio Township and Gallia County Commissioners assisted Ohio township with an application to USDA Rural Development for $70,000 in grant and $33,000 in loan funding. Gallia Commissioners, using CDBG grant administration dollars, contracted for an archaeological site study in 2009. Commissioners utilized $64,300 in 2010 CDBG grant dollars as a local match to the USDA grant and loan application. Ohio Township Trustees provided $17,000 in local match to this project.

In 2011, project construction was underway and completed in January 2012. Total fire substation costs equated to $184,401.97. Gallia Commissioners returned to the project with $40,000 in 2013 CDGB grant dollars to pave the new fire substation parking lot and the township access road to the fire substation, Waugh Road. The paving project was completed in 2014 with Ohio Township providing matching funds of $3,477.37 for a total of $43,477.37. The grand total for the Ohio Township Fire Substation and Paving Project was totaled at $27,879.34.

The Clay Township Bear Run Road Bridge and Paving project began in 2013 when Clay Township Trustees joined the Gallia Engineer to apply for Ohio Public Work Commission grant funds to replace the bridge and pave Bear Run Road, however, the paving project was reportedly not included in the initial funding application, said information provided by the county commissioners’ office. Clay Township Trustees approached the commissioners for assistance, noting the Gallia Engineer’s 2013 OPWC application for replacement of the Bear Run Road Bridge required an estimated $10,000 match from the township, which it did not have. Commissioners utilized $7,887 in 2015 CDBG grant dollars to match the county’s $43,500 OPWC grant and $22,300 with the County Engineer’s Force Account Labor, Equipment and Cash match to complete the bridge replacement project in 2016 for a total of $73,657.31. In order to complete the paving of Bear Run Road, the commissioners utilized $49,800 in 2016 CDBG grant dollars and $30,500 in 2017 CDBG grant dollars along with $2,792.50 of the Gallia Commissioners RLF Program Income funds to complete the Bear Run Roads Paving Project in 2017 for a total of $83,092.50. The grand total for the combined Bear Run Road Bridge Replacement and Paving Project was $156,749.81.

Staff Report