Businesses to display local student artwork

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Ten Gallia County organizations and businesses are currently in the process of displaying Gallia County Local School student artwork as part of a communal and academic initiative to promote the arts in the region.

According to the French Art Colony’s executive director, Joseph Wright, Gallia Local Schools Arts Council partnered with community members and organizations last year in an attempt to better foster mentorship and collaboration opportunities for students involved in fine arts projects and education. Wright and the FAC joined the school initiative along with the Gallipolis Municipal Court Judge Margaret Evans.

“Here is how it will work: you provide a dedicated space to include three frames in varying sizes, as well as small signage acknowledging student artists and purpose for the display,” Wright requested of local businesses in mid-November. “The GCLS art instructors will change out the artwork approximately every three months. The frames will always have artwork on display, even through the summer months.”

Wright said the artwork will reflect the efforts of students across all grade ages.

“It was really pleasing to see how many business owners, right away, wanted to be a part (of the effort),” Wright said. “We’ve had some businesses since come to us and ask to be part of it, but we’ve already reached the 10.”

Wright said the coalition is contemplating how it may possibly accommodate more organizations to display student artwork, however a lot of the effort is dependent upon the willingness of students and volunteers handling art to meet demand.

“There have been other businesses that have expressed interest since, but we don’t quite know yet how challenging it will be to keep the artwork changed out,” Wright said. “Some businesses wanted more than just the three. It’s early in the process and hopefully it will expand.”

Organizations that communicated interest to Wright are listed as Ohio Valley Bank, WesBanco Bank of Gallipolis, Bossard Memorial Library, 93.1 The Wolf, Wiseman Insurance Agency, Evans-Moore Realty and Insurance, BCMR Publications, Gallia County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Creative Arts Lifestyle and the Medical Shoppe.

According to Wright, GCL schools will also hold their annual art gala at the FAC in April. The show will last roughly two weeks and in the past has also presented performed shows as well as fine art exhibits.

Weather permitting, students will also be able to display talents in the new pavilion in the yard facing the Gallia County Courthouse.

Dean Wright can be reached at (740) 446-2342, Ext. 2103.

By Dean Wright