City commissioner asks opinions on Veterans Day closing

By Dean Wright -

Gallipolis City Commissioner Tony Gallagher.

Gallipolis City Commissioner Tony Gallagher.

GALLIPOLIS — One Gallipolis City Commissioner requested colleagues and city residents to consider shutting down city operations on this upcoming Veterans Day during the regular commission meeting Tuesday evening.

“I feel very, very, very strong,” said City Commissioner Tony Gallagher. “I feel so strongly about this and want to bring it in front of the citizens and ask them if they agree with me or disagree with me. Veterans Day is very special. The federal government is closed down on Veterans Day. The state government of Ohio is closed down on Veterans Day. Gallia County, our county, is closed down on Veterans Day. The banks are closed down on Veterans Day. The post office is closed on Veterans Day and the City of Gallipolis is open on Veterans Day.”

Gallagher said he thought “We need to honor the veterans.”

“I was told the reason that we stay open is because, a few years ago, the employees voted to take the day after Thanksgiving off and work on Veterans Day,” said Gallagher. “I still feel that we should shut the city down. Not many people know we’re open, number one, but we can’t do (anything productive) too much (because other institutions are closed)…We’re going to pay these people anyway if they sit here or they’re out there honoring the veterans. We’re going to lose a little productivity, I agree to that. But I think it (his request) so strongly that these men and women by the thousands have given up their lives so that we can have this city and have this meeting we’re sitting in right now.”

Gallagher urged the city to close on Veterans Day this coming November and asked citizens to reach out to him for opinions, whether they agreed or disagreed with his perspective.

No further discussion or decisions were made on the matter during the meeting.

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Gallipolis City Commissioner Tony Gallagher. City Commissioner Tony Gallagher.

By Dean Wright