Gallipolis man pleads guilty to animal cruelty charges

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — A Gallipolis man is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty Monday to second-degree misdemeanor animal cruelty.

William Eugene Siders, of the 100 block of Fourth Avenue, entered a plea of guilty to a violation of the codified ordinances of the City of Gallipolis, cruelty to animals.

Gallia County Dog Warden Laurie Cardillo and Gallipolis Police Chief Clint Patterson investigated the case. Siders was alleged to have in his possession eight dogs. Of the animals found in Siders’ alleged care was one dog found dead in a cage. The other seven dogs were found to be in cages, tied up to a vehicle, or tied up under a truck camper topper.

Several of the dogs that were still alive had lost teeth and were in a state of malnutrition. Only the cage with the dead dog had food and water. None of the other animals had a source of food or water.

All of the dogs were seized by the dog warden and transported to the Gallia County Animal Shelter.

After his arrest, Siders relinquished his ownership rights to the shelter.

Siders is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Margaret Evans on Nov. 16 at 1:30 p.m.

Staff Report