Rathburn places second in bodybuilding competition

By Dean Wright - deanwright@aimmediamidwest.com

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Last Saturday, Shantelle Rathburn, owner of The Warehouse on Jackson Pike in Gallipolis, took part in the 2018 NPC Mountaineer Classic in Charleston, W.Va., and came home second in the bikini division.

Placing second gives Rathburn a national qualification.

“I got my title and that’s what I wanted,” said Rathburn. “It means I can go to bigger shows and at these shows you can set yourself up to get pro cards. It felt amazing. I definitely hadn’t been on stage in awhile so it got me amped up again and I’m excited for this weekend.”

Rathburn will be competing in the Kentucky Derby, a bigger show, in Louisville, Ky., this weekend.

“It’s another national qualifying show,” said Rathburn. “This time I’m wanting to bring home a gold and after this I’d like to schedule a national show probably coming this fall. The more success you have and the more shows you do, the more your name gets out there. That’s how Arnold did it. Everyone knows his name.”

Rathburn said that shows are largely the same, having participants step out and do an individual pose before having a group pose routine. There is a prejudging event in the morning and finals in the evening.

“I knew that morning I was (potentially) set up for second place,” said Rathburn. “I knew I was in first call out. In the evening show, I did a little bit of a different pose and tried to bring more attitude. It didn’t change their minds (regarding the judges and their first choice) but it does sometimes.”

At the Mountaineer, Rathburn competed in one class but she said she was considering more this coming weekend. She said she would still compete in the bikini division but potentially in the open, novice and collegiate classes.

“It would be a dream come true, for sure,” said Rathburn if she were to take a national title.

When asked whether she had influenced her clients to take up bodybuilding, Rathburn said bodybuilding was a difficult road.

“For me the first time around, it was a personal, self goal. I just wanted to do it and see what I thought because I lost weight and felt good,” she said. “Now, it’s a sport to me. It’s not something I think ‘I’ll just try this.’ A lot of times people do just do it for one time. It’s very expensive and people take it seriously and you’re not going to be successful if you don’t look at it that way.”

“Whatever body part I’m working,” said Rathburn about her thoughts while she exercises,”I’m constantly think about what muscle I’m working. Basically, to build muscle, you want your body to go to failure. Whatever exercise you’re doing, you want to push your body past what you think you can do. If you think you have three more reps, you need to do five. When you get to that third one and you feel like you can’t do another, at least what goes through my head, is are you going to be first place or second place next time.”

Rathburn said she came back from her last competition tired, but knew she would be hitting it hard again this weekend and the moments in between competitions were what defined success.

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By Dean Wright