South Gallia ‘leadership day’ held

By Morgan McKinniss -

MERCERVILLE — South Gallia High School is continuing to promote leadership and character development in their students.

As a part of the continuing vision for the school, administration and staff held a leadership day for students.

“It’s about leadership, stepping up to the situation, choosing to be kind, especially in a society that so often isn’t kind,” said Principal Bray Shamblin.

Each student received a new school shirt with the new crest on it and the seven habits of highly effective teens on the back. Both of these play into the ongoing mission of promoting leadership and school pride in the students. The crest was chosen from designs submitted by students.

The seven habits of highly effective teens has been an ongoing theme with the students, studying them together in order to equip them for the future and make them more capable individuals.

According to Shamblin, putting these on a shirt is more than school spirit and self promotion, it perpetuates the ideas of leadership and personal responsibility while giving the students something else to be proud of in their school.

A key part of the leadership day is having the students watch the movie “Wonder,” which portrays the main character’s struggles through life and learning how to deal with those.

“The main character, Auggie, is different. He’s had surgeries that have left him different from the other students around him. It presents a new area of leadership for the students. They see the characters in the movie choose to be kind and work together,” said Shamblin.

The students who recently took second in a tri-state business competition for the project called “Vegendary” will also get to present their work to the whole school. According to Shamblin, this portrays a new leadership component for the student body and helps encourage the students to pursue high goals and realize they can do more than what they think they can.

The 2017-18 school year has resulted in a lot to look back on for the administration. The new vision plan for leadership in students has had results that Shamblin is quite proud of.

“I like to look back and ask how an I going to define the school year. I reflect on the wonderful things our kids have done, and for a school our size, the amount of achievements is massive,” said Shamblin.

The students also got together in their new school shirts for a picture to update the website.

By Morgan McKinniss

Reach Morgan McKinniss at 740-446-2342 ext 2108.

Reach Morgan McKinniss at 740-446-2342 ext 2108.