Gallipolis in Bloom plans fall planting Oct. 24

By Dean Wright - [email protected]

GALLIPOLIS — Gallipolis in Bloom will be holding its fall planting day Oct. 24 as the leaves on trees fall and daylight become shorter.

“We’ll be taking all the summer flowers out this week,” said Gallipolis in Bloom member Kim Canaday. “They always do it the week after Bob Evans (Farm Festival). We try to leave them up for the Bob Evans visitors. Containers get cleaned up and the city (Gallipolis) will be taking (downtown flower) hanging baskets down. So, we plant winter pansies in all of the 80 containers we have around town. That takes a big (bunch) of people, if we can get them. If not, it can take a little longer.”

Canaday said she has had assistance from local boy or girl scout troops, as well as 4-H members, in the past. She said anyone is welcome to assist. Helping with the fall planting does not take a lot of skill, she added.

Bob’s Market members will show volunteers how to plant. Plants are then arranged for volunteers to take and plant to fit the appropriate size of a variety of containers. Volunteers will also mix and match different flower species to be planted in the containers.

Canaday said she will assign volunteers and areas to plant according to a chart she possesses. She said the winter pansies can potentially last the entire winter.

“When we have bad winters, sometimes the (flowers) aren’t as full and as nice as we would like,” Canaday said. “They do live all winter, though.”

Canaday said the beautification group used to plant daffodils and tulips, but were finding that the plants were not surviving as well. The bulbs were having a harder time serving in potted containers. The group then made the switch to winter pansies as the plants seemed to take to the environment better.

Other than planting day, the group has no other activities until the beginning of the new year, when it starts to plan for the coming summer’s America in Bloom competition.

“This is us taking a couple months off. We might do something in December,” Canaday said.

Two years ago, Gallipolis in Bloom did a poinsettia sale in the later portion of the year.

“Pansies look good, and most of the time, unless it’s absolutely horrendous, they can do pretty well,” Canaday said. “They can last through snow. We have to dig them out. They don’t like warm weather. We’ll still have them in May.”

Gallipolis in Bloom is known as a local beautification and gardening group bent on educating the local region in organic planting and gardening techniques. The group will start its fall planting this Saturday. Volunteers are asked to meet at 10 a.m. at the clock in Gallipolis City Park. Workers are asked to bring a garden spade.

For more information, volunteers can call Canaday at (740) 441-6009, Ext. 722.

Dean Wright can be reached at (740) 446-2342, Ext. 2103.

By Dean Wright

[email protected]