Gallipolis City Schools BOE meets

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — A recent meeting of the Gallipolis City Schools District Board of Education saw Board Members approving the following agenda items.

The board approved the following resignations for the purpose of retirement: Judith Byrd, bus driver, effective February 28, 2018; Brack Houchens, teacher, effective May 25, 2018, and Eugene Valentine, head bus driver, effective March 15, 2018. The board accepted the resignation of Clifford “Billy” Ward as a three-hour mechanic, effective February 28, 2018 and employed Clifford “Billy” Ward as a Bus Driver at Step 0 on the Classified Salary Schedule, effective March 1, 2018.

The board approved the following supplemental contracts for the 2018-19 school year: Justin Bailey, junior varsity (JV) baseball coach, Maggie Bostic, JV softball coach, Randy Christian, head varsity tennis coach (coed), Paul Close, head varsity track coach (Boys), Cheryl Greenlee, 7-8 grade head track coach (coed), Brad Harris, assistant varsity softball coach, Todd May, head varsity track coach (girls), and Abby Wiseman, 7-8 grade assistant track coach (coed).

The board approved the following substitutes for the 2017-18 school year: Stanton Burdette, teacher, Jim Clarkson, bus driver, effective February 8, 2018, Samantha Graham, teacher, Shannon Jones, bus driver, Betty Jude, cook, Thomas Meadows, teacher, and Steven Shipley, bus driver.

The board approved the following volunteer coaches for the 2017-18 school year: Brett Bostic, softball, Kimberly Edelmann, softball, Corey Luce, baseball, Leah Polcyn, soccer, and Craig Sanders, baseball.

The board tabled the application for the partners Grant (BIC).

The board approved the Marshall University School of Psychology to assess GCSD students in order to research the relationship between the Gray Oral Reading Test, Fifth Edition(GORT-5) and the Woodcock JohnsonTest of Achievement Fourth Edition (WJ-IV ACH) reading tests. Parents must give written permission for their child to participate in this study. Dr. Lanai Jennings, the primary investigator will provide these assessments at no cost to the District.

The board approved the following new/revised policies: ACA/ACAA, Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex/Sexual Harassment, ACA-R/ACAA-R, Grievance Procedures, ACA-E/ACAA-E, Complaint Form, BCFA, Business Advisory Council to the Board, BDDJ, Broadcasting and Taping of Board Meetings, DECA, Administration of Federal Grant Funds, DI, Fiscal Accounting and Reporting, DN, School Properties Disposal, EBC, Emergency Management and Safety Plans, EEA, Student Transportation Services, EEACD-R, Drug Testing For GCSD Personnel Required to Hold a CDL, GBK, No Tobacco Use on District Property by Staff Members, IGBB, Programs for Students Who Are Gifted, IGBI, English Learners, IGD, Cocurricular and Extracurricular Activities, IGDJ, Interscholastic Athletics, IKE-R, Promotion and Retention of Students, IKF, Graduation Requirements, JECAA, Admission of Homeless Students, JECAA-R, Dispute Resolution Process, JED, Student Absences and Excuses, JEDA, Truancy, JEFB, Released Time for Religious Instruction, and KBCD, Broadcasting and Taping of Board Meetings.

The board discussed the proposed 2018 -19 school calendar.

Staff Report