Collecting flood supplies for neighbors

By Morgan McKinniss -

GALLIPOLIS — Local Lutherans are working to help provide aid to victims of flooding in Meigs and Washington Counties. Pastor John Jackson of New Life Lutheran Church is collecting all manner of cleaning supplies and furniture to be sent to homes and families affected by the flood.

Their church, located at 900 Jackson Pike, has a trailer they plan to fill and transport the supplies to an organization that is distributing them. North American Lutheran Church Disaster Relief, based out of Caldwell is gathering supplies and volunteers to answer the call for help.

“You’ve got people that basically have nothing, they don’t have any income or anything. My guess is every store in Pomeroy and Racine is cleaned out of all these items, so bringing these items into these areas, free of charge to people, is an immense help,” said Jackson.

New Life is asking for donations of any kind of cleaning supplies; buckets, mops, disinfectants, and any other household cleaning items are welcome. They are also collecting furniture and appliances to take to give away to families in need.

According to Jackson, there are currently 200 homes destroyed and another 150 with major damage in the Racine, Marietta, and P0meroy areas.

To make donations of supplies or furniture, a trailer is stationed by New Life Lutheran Church and is available for drop off.

“We have a trailer that sits in the parking lot of the church, and people can bring any of the supplies needed and put them in the trailer,” said Jackson. “If it doesn’t fit in the trailer we have an archway attached to a building we can put furniture in until we ship it.”

Volunteers are also being recruited for anyone that is willing and able to help. To volunteer through the NALC, contact Director Mary Bates at or call at 740-509-1132.

“Its not only these items that are going to be brought in, there will be all kind of volunteers coming to work too,” said Jackson.

By Morgan McKinniss

Reach Morgan McKinniss at 740-446-2342 ext 2108.

Reach Morgan McKinniss at 740-446-2342 ext 2108.