Threats to RVHS reported as unfounded

By Morgan McKinniss -

GALLIA COUNTY — River Valley High School has been involved in an investigation over the weekend, which ultimately determined there have been no threats made to students, staff, or the building.

According to Troy Johnson, chief deputy with the Gallia Sheriff’s Office, the department began investigating a post from social media over the weekend to find that communications were crossed.

The initial post had text in it reportedly posing a threat to Valley High School, which has been misconstrued to mean River Valley High School. Johnson explained that Valley High School is in a separate state and completely unrelated to RVHS, and through their investigation the threat was determined to be unrelated to River Valley. Local authorities did investigate the threat concerning Valley High School.

In the time since the initial investigation regarding the social media post, a number of students and staff brought forth information about a statement that could be interpreted as a threat by a River Valley student.

“In the mean time, some students mentioned they had overheard a student that said something that could be interpreted as a threat,” said Johnson. “That information was brought to us (Tuesday), so we began investigating and interviewing anyone and everyone who may have knowledge of that.”

Johnson further explained: “We were out trying to inquire whether a threat was made and who said what. After interviewing everyone we determined no one could substantiate a threat was ever made. They had an individual student make a comment that was inappropriate, but not threatening,” said Johnson. “From that, people have taken this thing and blown it completely out of proportion.”

Regarding the statement made by the student, the administration is working to resolve the issue and protect students from any possible threats.

“The safety of our students and staff will always be our top priority and I can assure you that we are taking the appropriate steps to hold the person or persons accountable,” stated Superintendent Jude Meyers.

The district encourages the public to be aware of any possible threats, but also to not engage in conversations that perpetuate false rumors.

Gallia County Local Schools were closed Wednesday due to flooding, not threats.

If you know of any information regarding threats of violence towards schools or any institution, call 911 to report it.

By Morgan McKinniss

Reach Morgan McKinniss at 740-446-2342 ext 2108.

Reach Morgan McKinniss at 740-446-2342 ext 2108.