New Haven couple appears on Steve Harvey Show

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NEW HAVEN — A New Haven couple will appear on the Steve Harvey Show on Friday.

Stephanie and David Killingsworth are one of three couples to take part in a challenge to see which one can lose the highest percentage of body weight in just 22 days, following the advice of exercise physiologist Marco Borges.

Borges is the creator of the “22-Day Revolution” vegan diet and is better-known as the man behind Jay-Z and Beyonce’s “life-changing diet,” according to a representative from the Steve Harvey Show.

The Killingsworths will start the challenge with a combined weight of 664.4 pounds. Unfortunately, as many know, West Virginia has a notorious label for being one of the most unhealthiest states in the nation. The couple have been married for seven years and in that time, Stephanie says that she gained 100 pounds. She hasn’t been able to wear her wedding ring in five years and says that it’s time to change that, for good.

Stephanie and David admit that their biggest issue is that they love fast food, so this 22-day challenge will be drastically different for them. David tells Steve Harvey that both he and Stephanie are nurses and that he feels hypocritical telling his patients that they need to change their bad habits to become healthier.

The Killingsworths will be up against Katie and Nate Brimhall, of Spanish Fork, Utah, with a combined weight of 449.4 pounds, and Kendra and Jayson Thornton, of St. Louis, Mo., with a combined weight of 507.4 pounds.

Two years ago, Katie and Nate’s youngest son was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He has been in remission for two years now. During the stressful time that their son was receiving treatment, Katie and Nate gained weight. Katie says that now is a “good time to start working on themselves” and get healthy. Nate adds that diabetes runs in his family and that he’s “ready to get out of the rut I’m in.”

Kendra and Jayson met in college, where they were both athletes. Kendra played basketball and Jayson played football. Kendra says that she has gained 90 pounds since college and she thinks it’s important for her and Jayson to get healthy, especially for their young daughters. Jayson has gained 60 pounds since college and tells Steve Harvey, “To be real, I just got lazy. I don’t have a coach yelling at me to do something.”

Harvey, the show’s host, is a native of West Virginia. The show airs at 3 p.m. Friday, Oct. 16 on WCHS-TV 8.

Staff Report

Information for this article submitted by the Steve Harvey Show.

Information for this article submitted by the Steve Harvey Show.