Man sentenced to 29 months in prison

By Dean Wright -

Burley Geiger

Burley Geiger

GALLIPOLIS — Burley Geiger, 30, was sentenced to prison in early October for a total of 29 months after pleading guilty to three unresolved felony cases in Gallia County Court of Common Pleas.

“The first case, case number 13 CR 88, was for breaking and entering in June 2013,” said Britt Wiseman, Gallia County assistant prosecutor. “The prosecution began when a witness noticed suspicious behavior inside the city of Gallipolis, specifically a white truck was parked beside a trailer which had been unoccupied for some time. The defendant was identified as one of the persons removing appliances and other miscellaneous metal from inside the unoccupied trailer. The witness was able to provide law enforcement with the make, model and license number of the vehicle. The vehicle was then located by the Gallipolis Police Department at L&L Scrap Metal attempting to scrap the stolen items. Officers made contact with the occupants of the vehicle and made an arrest that date.”

According to information provided by the prosecutor’s office, in the second case, numbered 13 CR 150, Geiger was charged with drug possession for an incident in July 2013. Gallipolis police investigated potential drug trafficking actions inside of a local motel in Gallipolis. Officers encountered Geiger and arrested him on an unrelated warrant.

“A search of the defendant revealed three individually-wrapped baggies of heroin which appeared to be intended for distribution. The suspected heroin was submitted to the BCI laboratory and confirmed (as the drug),” Wiseman said.

Case number, 14 CR 17, involving Geiger’s third charge, involved an incident in January 2014 with the trafficking of drugs. The case began with evidence collected by the Gallia-Meigs Major Crimes Task Force.

“Agents with the task force were able to verify that this defendant was selling illegal drugs out of a residence in Green Township, Gallia County, Ohio. The defendant sold two 10 mg Opana pills in exchange for $80 in cash,” said Eric Mulford, Gallia County assistant prosecuting attorney.

Opana is an opioid-like hydromorphone or oxycodone. It is a Schedule II controlled substance and known as a narcotic pain reliever. It is also known as oxymorphone.

According to the attorneys, Geiger plead guilty to drug trafficking charges and admitted to violating the conditions of his community control for both 2013 cases. Geiger was sentenced to serve 17 months for the community control violation and 12 months for the drug trafficking charge. He is expected to serve the sentences consecutively, totaling 29 months in prison. He has been handed into the custody of the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office and began his sentence immediately after court proceedings.

“Drug addiction is a serious epidemic of which we are trying to assist as much as possible with rehabilitation and counseling services for those who are willing to utilize those offered services in order to straighten out their lives and stay drug-free,” said Gallia County Prosecutor Jeff Adkins. “However, as we all know, using and selling heroin and other illegal substances breeds other crimes such as theft, burglaries and breaking and entering. The residents of Gallia County deserve for us to continue to prosecute those who choose to steal from hard-working residents and place law-abiding families n danger. My office, along with law enforcement agencies, including the Gallipolis Police Department and Gallia County Sheriff’s Office, will continue to seek out those who are trafficking drugs in our community and hold them responsible.”

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Burley Geiger Geiger

By Dean Wright