Roundabout canceled in Rio Grande

By Dean Wright -

RIO GRANDE — In the Rio Grande regular village meeting Monday night, Mayor Matt Easter announced that a roundabout, which had previously been slated to be constructed at the intersection of State Routes 588 and 325, was no longer in the works.

“I did speak to (an Ohio Department of Transportation representative) in Marietta,” said Easter. “We are not getting the roundabout. The way I understood it was the state had a large amount of them to build and the fund they were pulling from they could not use…But, that being said, our original intention was to put sidewalks there. They have not pulled that money. We still have a grant there and we have $370,000 to spend on sidewalks. This has now bumped us back up into the build schedule of this coming fiscal year. So anytime between July 1 and July 1, you know one year, we will have those built.”

According to a written statement by ODOT Public Information Officer Ashley Rittenhouse, the proposed roundabout at the intersection of SR 325 and SR 588 in Gallia County is not being pursued at this time. District preservation funds were going to be used for the project; however, it was determined that this funding will instead be used for future road paving and repair or replacement of bridges. The project could be pursued again in the future, if the appropriate type of funding becomes available. The new sidewalk associated with the project is still on track to be started and completed during the 2019 construction season along State Route 325. It is funded with Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding.

Roundabouts are considered a type of circular intersection where traffic continues to flow in one direction about a central point. Entering traffic is to yield to traffic already moving in the circle. Such motions are to minimize T-bone crashes as well as head-on collisions. Traffic continually moves in one direction so that pedestrians only have to watch one direction when crossing the road.

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By Dean Wright