Deputy recovers youth from icy waters

Staff Report

VINTON — Gallia County Sheriff Matt Champlin has issued a statement regarding a dangerous situation which occurred Sunday in the Village of Vinton involving local youth on an icy Raccoon Creek.

According to Sheriff Champlin, three young males were reportedly playing on some ice near the bank of the Raccoon Creek and, when observed by a deputy, two of the males left the ice, but one of the males remained on the ice as it broke loose and began floating out into the creek.

The alert deputy retrieved a piece of equipment from his vehicle known as a ResQ Disk and deployed the device. A ResQ Disk is a plastic device similar to a frisbee which has a long piece of rope attached to it. The deputy was able to get the disk to the young man and slowly pull him back to shore and to safety.

Sheriff Champlin States “To say that I am proud of the actions of Deputy Jeff Provens in this incident is an understatement. I believe this is an example of how an officer’s split second decision making skills can save lives. I am in hopes that by reading this statement, parents will use this as a chance to discuss dangers like this with their children and educate them on how to protect themselves from situations like this.”

Deputy Provens has been employed as a deputy with the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office since 2015. Deputy Provens also serves the citizens of the Village of Vinton as a village marshal.

Staff Report