Whitetail harvest numbers for Meigs, Gallia

By Morgan McKinniss - mmckinniss@aimmediamidwest.com

OHIO VALLEY — Deer hunting is a common past time in Southeastern Ohio as outdoorsmen and women take to the woods in pursuit of Whitetail Deer. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources publishes harvest numbers weekly for each county, including for Gallia and Meigs counties.

The most recent numbers were released on Dec. 26.

In Gallia County, a total of 2,344 deer have been harvested this season. This is out of the 163,638 total deer harvested in Ohio. Meigs county exceeds Gallia at this point with 2,682 deer. Coshocton County is the current leader in deer harvesting at 5,756 total whitetail.

While archery season is significantly longer than gun and muzzle-loader seasons in Ohio, archery harvests vary compared to gun harvests. Antlered deer harvested by archery total 437 and antlerless at 341. Those same numbers in Meigs county are 617 and 439 respectively.

Gallia county harvested 995 antlered and 1,349 antlerless whitetails totals. This makes gun harvests of antlered deer 558 and antlerless 1,008.

The numbers are not as close in Meigs County; 617 antlered deer were harvested through archery, leaving 571 for gun hunters; 439 antlerless deer were harvested with a bow, leaving 1,055 reportedly harvested with a gun.

Total deer harvested in both counties so far this year is 5,026. Antlered whitetail harvests total 2,183 with the remaining 2,843 harvests being antlerless whitetail deer.

Archery season continues until Feb. 4, 2018 and there is one more chance to harvest with a muzzle-loader from Jan. 6 through Jan. 9, 2018.

By Morgan McKinniss


Reach Morgan McKinniss at 740-446-2342.

Reach Morgan McKinniss at 740-446-2342.