Sheriff investigating ‘threatening phone calls’ to daycare

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia County Sheriff Matt Champlin has released a statement regarding an investigation being conducted by his office with regards to some reported threatening phones calls received by a daycare in Gallia County.

“We have thoroughly looked into the phone calls which were received by one our daycares and at this time, based on the facts, we do not believe that there is any viable threat to our citizens,” Champlin said. “Through the course of our investigation we have determined that the phone calls that were placed were not isolated to only this daycare in Gallia County and we have determined that numerous other law enforcement agencies across Ohio are receiving calls of the same nature which are stemming from the same source.

My office takes calls of this nature very seriously and we have devoted our full attention to this incident and to working with this daycare facility to ensure the safety of the people we serve.”

According to the sheriff’s office, in a statement being released by the daycare facility to their families, they have corroborated the details of the sheriff office’s investigation as well as to say that they will continue their operations as normal and they will continue to provide safety and security to the children under their care.

Staff Report