Gallia man indicted for illegal drug manufacture

By Dean Wright -

Ryan Cochran

Ryan Cochran

Photo courtesy of Gallia County Sheriff’s Office

GALLIPOLIS — A Gallia County man was indicted Wednesday for possession of chemicals to manufacture illegal drugs, as well as the illegal manufacture of drugs while also serving time for previous offenses.

According to Gallia County Sheriff Joe Browning, Ryan Cochran, 24, of Patriot, was indicted at the Gallia County Courthouse for methamphetamine-related offenses after appearing for a hearing in another legal matter. Law enforcement agents brought Cochran to the courthouse and served him with his indictment as he sat in jail awaiting his hearing.

According to information obtained from the Gallia County Clerk of Courts Office, Cochran is currently serving time for burglary, attempted felonious assault and receiving stolen property in Gallia County. His admission date was Dec. 30, 2009. Cochran also has another pending burglary case while the drug-related offenses pend from a warrant issued on Jan. 29, 2015.

“Our call in the meth incident started as a domestic situation,” Browning said.

On March 16, 2015, deputies responded to a situation on Gage Road. Deputies received a call from a 28-year-old woman. Allegedly, Cochran, her boyfriend at the time, returned home from Columbus. He was upset with her , grabbed a shotgun and fired two shots outside of a bedroom window. He allegedly told her if she did not leave the residence, she would be shot.

The woman left the home and went a neighbor’s house. Cochran was arrested by Gallia County deputies, taken to the jail and charged with domestic violence violations. The shotgun was later discovered by law enforcement at a relative’s home a mile down the road. While searching the home for the gun used, deputies located a bag allegedly containing meth-making materials in a rear bedroom closet on top of a water heater that belonged to Cochran.

Sheriff meth lab technicians were contacted and tested the bag’s contents for presence of drug-manufacturing materials. Technicians tested materials in a measuring cup for pH levels. The tested materials came in at a score of around 11, which falls around measurements under which meth can be identified. While some of the containers allegedly appeared to hold no readily apparent meth, there was sufficient testing done to cause a grand jury to agree on charge indictments.

Possession of chemicals to manufacture illegal drugs like meth is a third-degree felony. The action of illegally manufacturing drugs involving methamphetamine is a second-degree felony.

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Ryan Cochran Cochran Photo courtesy of Gallia County Sheriff’s Office

By Dean Wright